No matter what type of person you are, Archendale has got something for you! From tall skyscrapers in a bustling city to quaint homes and beautiful parks in a secluded suburbs, Archendale is beautiful everywhere. Our city tries to achieve the goal of world domination, I mean, growing to be the best city on the server, with activities all around the city being opened soon.

How to get there

Start at /warp cb and jump into the netherportal. As soon as you enter the nether  look for the birch wood and green terracotta tunnel.


Archendale is a beautiful, nature filled city just south of Crystal Bay, originally founded by WEATHER2DAY in 2017. For a while Icypenguin79 owned the city but recently WEATHER2DAY returned as owner.

About the city

Archendale is a popular city with players because it’s generally an outstanding and nice looking city. The city covers about 1.8 million forsals in landvalue. The city is especially popular with starters which is why it is the home of many smaller startups.


The Economy of Archendale is a mixed bag at the moment. While the city is popular with new players and contains a lot of new start ups, it doesn’t have an airport and can only be accessed by nethertunnels.

Pretty much every private city with a strong economy has an airport. However, because Archendale is so close to Crystal Bay which has a /warp it also isn’t that far to walk through the nether.

Archendale used to have a Vanguard Industries location but furthermore it lacks any other large companies.


Archendale has a good nethertunnel connection and will soon get an airport. There are no further means of public transport in Archendale apart from the roads which can be accessed with cars as soon as they get added.


Tier: 5

F 1,800,000
Airport Connection: No
Nether Connection: Yes


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