Staff: Avalon man Binged “How to multiaccount” before multiaccounting.

Written by Somfic.

Before multiaccounting Tuesday morning, an Avalon man prepped the crime by searching Bing for instructions on ‘how to multiaccount’, according to a ban topic released by the government.

Staff confirmed that SlyDeluxe, 11, took off with around F15,000 Tuesday morning with the use of multiple accounts. According to the ban report, SlyDeluxe would threaten people on Discord to hand over their accounts to him, or he ‘would ban them from Minecraft’.

Last known image of SlyDelux.

By the early afternoon, staff had received multiple reports of new players spamming the phrase ‘subscribe to SlyYT’ upon joining, after which they’d leave again a few seconds later.

SlyDelux (seen above) was subsequently arrested at a TESLO shop in Paradise Hills that same night.

During questioning, SlyDelux reportedly confessed to his crimes and copped to the incriminating Bing search. “It is one thing to multiaccount”, Rodney said, “but it’s on a whole other level to use Bing for it”. After extensive discussions within the government, staff had agreed upon the fact to permanently ban SlyDeluxe, enforcing Article I, which states that ‘players will not be unbanned if there is a substantial risk that they might be a threat to the server’, in the hopes of the Bing disease not spreading. “Had he not used Bing, we would have probably seen him again by next week”, Rodney added.

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