Brevera is a brewing company that brews every type of beverage on the server both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The company is pro-alcoholism on Hellominers. The name Brevera is a portmanteau of Brewery and Avara, the city where Brevera started. 

Brevera not only caters to alcohol buyers on /ah but also produces bulk orders for parties at an affordable price. Contact Pokemonwarriorx for more information.

This is what the founder had to say about her company:

When I first joined the server, the alcohol plugin had recently been added, and it caught my attention. I started brewing strong absinthe in my tiny rented apartment, and eventually moved into Avara. I built my alcohol shop and brewery there. 

Brewing has been my passion since then, and it’s what has kept me on the server. My goal today is to make sure that all my drinks are perfect quality. Even though I’ve expanded my brewery, all drinks are still handmade.



Brevera was founded by Pokemonwarriorx in January 2019. 


Brevera has it’s brewery and store in the city of Avara. 

Type:  Private

Industry: Brewing 

Founder: Pokemonwarriorx

Headquarters: Avara

Areas served: Serverwide

Products/Services: Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic beverages

Revenue: N/A

Total assets: F70,000


Parent Company: Only when there is a parent company

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