Demonic Spirit Brewing Company

Get your demonic side out with Demonic Spirit! Demonic Spirit isn’t just a plain boring brewery, we’re an epic kick ass company for rock stars that also happens to sell kick ass drinks.

Demonic Spirit Brewing Company is especially known for its unique company drink called “Innocent Blood” and the advertisements in chat related to the product.


Demonic Spirit is the successor of the Paradisian Pride Brewery. Paradisian Pride started out as a brewery branch of Teslo back in December 2018. On 9 April 2019 the brewery became an independent company and rebranded as Demonic Spirit Brewing Company. On the same day it also launched it’s own company drink called Innocent Blood. Rumors say it’s actually made with Innocent baby blood and 65% alcohol.


Demonic Spirit brews its drinks in Paradise Hills and has a small bar in Paradise Hills as well.

Type: Private

Industry: Brewery

Founder: NightEmperor

Headquarters: Paradise Hills

Areas served: Serverwide via /ah and in Paradise Hills

Products/Services: Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages including the unique company drink Innocent Blood.

Revenue: N/A

Total assets: 98,000F

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