The City-state of Sodom is a secretive place in Hellominers that no mortal has ever visited. The city-state is home to various wealthy demon and vampire families and it has been hiding itself for the past millennia until recently. After President Alastor Nightshade won the elections the city started meddling with mortals by nationalizing Sodom’s largest conglomerate Teslo and renaming it The Sodom Corporation. While mortals still can’t visit the city itself, there are rumors that this might change soon.

How to get there

Currently it is not possible for mere mortals to visit the city of Sodom. 


The legend of Sodom tells that the City of Sodom is built on the remains of what used to be Sodom and Gomorrah. After God destroyed the city no mortal dared to ever visit the remains of the city. Many mortals reported hearing cries and screams and smelling fire and brimstone when they came close which caused the place to be deserted. 

The fact that no human would ever dare to go there made the place interesting for a group of ancient vampires who were tired of hiding and fleeing for humans and decided to build their settlement on top of the destroyed cities. In the middle of this city were once was a temple of the God that destroyed the city to begin with they built a temple dedicated to Lilith. 

Lilith is believed to be the first wife of Adam and the Mother of all vampires. The walls of the newfound city are said to be made with the bones and ashes of those who died in Sodom and Gomorrah. As mortals were afraid to get close Sodom soon became a safe haven for vampires all over the world.


The divide of 994.


In about 5 decades, the city of Sodom became a booming vampire Metropolis, the Temple for Lilith had turned into a religious organisation named Templi Ordo Lilith which had power over vampires all over the globe, think of it as the Catholic Church but for vampires. 

In the year 994 AD this all changed. As with pretty much every religion ever invented, the Temple started to become corrupted. The descendants of the ancient vampires had been leading the Temple for decades and now two sisters got in a fight over who should lead the church next. And thus for almost 9 centuries the city was plagued with periods of civil war switching between the more conservatives followers of Sister Devorah and the more liberal followers of Sister Tamar.


The Great Vampiric War.


None of the two groups ever managed to have control over Sodom any longer than a century. In 1942 this all ended as a group of extremist Devorahians had seized control over the Sodomite government they wanted the influence of the Sodomites to expand. 

They saw the Second World War as a perfect opportunity to establish dominance over the human race and create a class system in which vampires would rule the earth and feed upon humans. Tamarians on the other hand were against coming out of the shadows or at least not in a violent way. This caused the Devorahians to wage a ruthless war never seen before against the Tamarians. 

However, the Tamarians joined forces with an ever growing community of secular vampires who did not believe in Lilith to begin with. The joint forces overpowered the Devorahians and they surrendered, because the seculars were vital to the Tamarians they gained the most power in the government of Sodom and for the first time in Sodom’s history Church and State were separated.


The 2016 Elections 


A few decades went by in which Devorahians gained more power despite being a smaller group this lead to policies being introduced that Tamarians and the seculars weren’t too happy about. As the Devorahian doctrine became more visible in the city of Sodom and more freedoms were taken away from the Sodomites the Tamarians and seculars once again teamed up and formed a coalition in the 2016 elections and they lost.

 This was likely due to the indifference between the Tamarians and the seculars and the rise of fake news by the Devorahians. Claims like “they want to take away your right to kill mortals” and promises like “Make Sodom Great Again” made the Devorahians win by a small margin. 


Nationalization of private property and the 2020 elections.


Alastor Nightshade, the current president of Sodom introduced a bill to break up or nationalize companies that were too large and  he started with Teslo Incorporated. Teslo was a company by the Sodomite Lucifer Morningstar who made the company popular by selling human steak and a mixture of alcohol and blood called ‘Innocent Blood’. The company also ran various newspapers that were critical of Alastor Nightshade and his government which Alastor often called fake news. After nationalizing the company it rebranded as The Sodom Corporation, Lucifer Morningstar remained the CEO of the company but it’s profits now went to the Government of Sodom. It’s rumored that Alastor plans to use the financial gains of The Sodom Corporation to take over the entire world and enslave all mortals. Lucifer Morningstar, a secular is running against him in the 2020 elections with a Tamarian coalition again in the hopes of turning this madness around. 

About the city

The City of Sodom is hidden for mortals and can not be found. However, the city has a huge temple dedicated to Lilith in it’s centre. Furthermore the city is divided in a Governmental district, a Financial District and a few mansion districts. The city is connected by an underground system that is so efficient that no Sodomite ever needs a car. 


The Sodomite Economy is mainly sustained by companies that are settled in Sodom but operate elsewhere. One of these companies, formerly known as Teslo is now The Sodom Corporation. 


The current Sodomite Government has the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Senate is majority controlled by the Devoriahians and the House of Representatives has recently gained a opposition majority lead by Tamarians and supported by the seculars. 


Owner: The Sodom Government

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