Guide: How to build a store that will last on HM.

Nowadays the Hellominers economy is a bear market, there is barely any competition and the startups that try disrupting the market usually fail. So, how does one build a store on Hellominers that will survive this bear market and thrive? As the founder of Teslo and a financial newspaper I’ve gained many insights about this economy. In this guide I’ll bundle those insights so you can use and take whatever you need to grow your store.

While one has to keep in mind that Hellominers is still a game, taking things serious like you’re running a real company is exactly what makes this server so much fun. Having people love your brand, making profits, calling yourself a CEO, it’s super fun to do, especially if you do it right.

These days, most people start their companies and give up after a while for various reasons. This used to be no problem as there were multiple serious companies competing on the market. In the past we had a healthy economy, there was serious competition between stores like Vanguard, SFC, GNR, ISI, ESS and many more. This was a healthy bull market, the bad companies were weeded out by serious competition. However, in recent months we’ve seen many business shut down which only made it more difficult for newer companies to get off the ground.

As unlikely as it seems, even prestigious established companies like Vanguard Industries seem to be struggling in this economy. The beloved conglomerate can barely keep up with the high demand for products as there is barely any competition and every player turns to Vanguard Industries for all their goods, which sounds like a dream but is a nightmare in reality.

In this guide I’ll attempt to educate new and seasoned store owners, this is what you’ll learn:

  • How to organise your store like a professional.
  • Why running a store is a team sport and how you can become a major league player.
  • Why you don’t need an overpriced government city front row plot.
  • Things you should and shouldn’t do.

How do you organize your store like a professional?

To organise a store in a professional manner, it is smart to keep a Google spreadsheet for your store with all the items you sell. This way it’s easier to check which chests you need to stock.

The general map of a successful store is like this: the first row sells hot items like steak, exp bottles, quartz, diamonds and iron. Next is concrete and glass, followed by wool, wood, stone and other items. You could also add some chests with newbie items, this is especially a nice source of income if you’re catering to newbies or have a store location that gets a lot of foot traffic.

One of the biggest mistakes most starters make is wanting to start too big. They want a massive front row government plot selling the widest range of items possible. However, if you sell a lot of items, you’ll also need to stock a lot of items. It can be rather frustrating to stock 16 colors of concrete, 16 colors of wool, 16 colors of glass etc. that’s already 48 double chests to take care off. So my advice is, start small and simple. Even if you were to sell just concrete and steak, if you make sure you stock on time and keep your prices competitive, people will come to you and return. They won’t return if your shop is always out of stock because you got like 150 different double chests to stock. For reference, ISI and ACE, both were megastores with massive and expensive front row plots in government cities and they all failed because they couldn’t stock their stores. Which brings us to the next point.

Half of running a good store is having a good team.

Running a store on your own is hard, running a megastore on your own is a recipe for failure unless your name is FreshBlood032. The basics of running a good store, or any company really, is having a dedicated team that you can trust. Not only is it more efficient to run a store with multiple people, it’s also way more fun than doing everything on your own!

Vanguard Industries, the industry leader of retail, could only grow to its current size due to teamwork. Ashlynn_Rose, Vihq, ValcronX, Blackfoe and many others grinded hard together to make the magic happen.

When assembling partners to start a store with, make sure you document important things like rules and who gets to do what in order to make sure everyone does their part.

You don’t need a government front/second row plot.

Sure, if you have a government front/second row plot, that’s pretty nice but it is not necessary in order to start a successful store. I’ve had 10k in sales in just 24 hours many times and my megastore is located in a private city called Paradise Hills. It’s a massive plot in front of the airport and I paid about 13k for it in total. This while many front row plots go for more than 300k these days which is insane. Especially if you consider how small most RC front row plots are.

If you make sure that your shop is stocked and you work on building relationships with your customers, no one will care whether they’ll have to walk a little further. Just make sure to get a plot in front of an airport. If you have your store somewhere in a back street of a small unknown city, it’s very unlikely for you to get traffic. Cities that I recommend to start a store in are Paradise Hills and Ocelot City. This because both cities have multiple megastores in front of their airports already which means many people already go these cities for their shopping.

When looking for a private city to settle in, make sure the city owner is active and improving the city regularly. You don’t want to buy a plot in Solaris for example, while Ultra_Pro is a great guy, he also is an admin who barely takes the time to do a thing about his city. This is why traffic to Solaris is incredibly low which isn’t something you want. Plus, if you look for active owners you might be able to score nice deals, many city owners are willing to merge plots or give discounts if that means they’ll get a megastore in their city.

The best part of not spending 300,000F+ on a government plot is that you can use that money instead to buy a region and build your own factory on it so you can make your stocking process easier.

Some other do’s and don’ts.


  • Find a partner or more to work together with. Whether it is running a store together or finding suppliers for your store.
  • Register your company with the BBE, by being registered you’ll have to report your income monthly which kind of gives you a sense of accountability which helps in running a store.


  • Take loans to start a business, you never know how long it takes before you can pay someone back.
  • List your company on the stock market yet.
  • Try running a megastore on your own.
  • Think that buying a front row plot will make your store a success.

By following the advice in this guide you can make your store better, it’s up to you!

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