How to install Minecraft on your Chromebook in less than 5 minutes.

Chromebooks aren’t exactly the type of machine to play minecraft on but it is possible. Since the release of Chrome OS 69 we’ve been able to install linux apps on our Chromebooks by using the terminal. In this guide I’ll teach you how to install the official Minecraft game on your chromebook in less than 5 minutes.

So the first thing that you’ve got to do is to enable Linux in your settings. You can do this somewhere under your playstore settings.

If you haven’t done this before, it might take a few minutes for your Chromebook to install everything. Once you’re set, open your Terminal which you now can find between your apps.

Now the terminal looks like a black screen and if you have no idea what you’re doing it might look scary but don’t worry, just do the following steps and wait untill each step is finished.

First set your timezone, you do this by typing the following and hitting enter.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Second update the system, you do this by typing the following and hitting enter.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Third install apt-file, you do this by typing the following and hitting enter.

sudo apt-get install apt-file

Fourth update apt-file, you do this by typing the following and hitting enter.

sudo apt-file update

Now install java-8-JDK, you do this by typing the following and hitting enter.

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk

Once you’ve finished all these steps it’s time to download Minecraft baby! Click here to go to the official Minecraft Alternative Downloads page. Now this is important, you need to download Minecraft for Linux /Debian which is called Minecraft.deb. 

Once you’ve download the file go to your files, make sure to move the file from Downloads to Linux files, which you can find under Play store files. Once it is in there, you click on it and you’ll be able to open the file with a right mouse click and you’ll see “Install with linux“.

Install it with linux and you’re settled. Once it is finished installing you can find the game between your apps with a weird penguin logo that you can’t change but you will be able to launch and play minecraft!

Depending on your type of Chromebook, it might not be a blast to play Minecraft on a Chromebook but it does work. I play Minecraft on my Acer Chromebook 14 which costed me about 280$ so that’s pretty good.

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