Icentipay is the largest tech company on Hellominers by users. The multipurpose platform is mainly used for online shopping and also offers saving accounts (without interest). The platform hosts the online store division of giant retailer Whole Blocks and multiple smaller stores and breweries, Including DSBC which is owned by the founder of 


While not being the first to introduce online banking, Icentipay is the first major success in online banking and currently provides the best online shopping and banking experience on the server. The site was launched in january 2019 and has grown an impressive user base of over 180 users. 


In the past HMGuide and Icentipay have competed but nowadays they coexist peacefully as a duopoly. HMGuide being the reigning champion in content, such as this informative article about Icentipay, and Icentipay as the Amazon / Paypal of Hellominers.


Icentipay is created and operated by Supermagicalplay and allows users to shop online as if they were using Amazon. If you need a bunch of concrete and glass for your new building you can find it on Icentipay and have it delivered to one of the many delivery centers. What makes Icentipay interesting is the fact that the largest retailer on the server has its entire catalogue on the site and you can pretty much order anything on it. You can also start your own store on the site and sell items in a pretty easy to navigate shopkeeper system.

Type: Private

Industry: E-commerce, Banking, Advertising

Founder: Supermagicalplay

Headquarters: Archendale

Areas served: Serverwide

Products/Services: Online marketplace, saving accounts, advertising platform, job boards, social platform

Revenue: N/A

Total assets: N/A


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