International Vampire Association

So you’ve stumbled upon the page of the IVA, perhaps because you want to earn lots of forsals by doing one of our quests?

Only the best adventurers will be bestowed with the gift of eternal life and join the ranks of the International Vampire Association. The International Vampire Association is the governing body of vampires all over Hellominers and regulates all quests, jobs and other vampire related issues on Hellominers.

Joining the association has the following benefits:

  • You’ll have the exclusive right to participate in frequent quests (with rewards)
  • You’ll have access to IVA’s secret library
  • You’ll have access to IVA’s Weaponry
  • Did we mention immortality yet because you’ll be a vampire?


The IVA regularly posts Quests to solve. Once a quest is solved you can claim your reward. Quests are only available for members of the Association.

Forsals in the Rewards Fund


Houses are like families but with vampires. Benefits of joining a House are that you'll be able to work in teams during quests and you'll be able to receive higher rewards.

Number of Houses.

IVA stands for International Vampire Association which is the governing body of all Vampires on Hellominers. IVA is a fantasy roleplay game on the Hellominers server. In the game you can join the IVA, roleplay as a vampire and most importantly do quests for rewards!

The sole purpose of the game is to join or start a House. The stronger your house, the more power you hold and the better your rewards. 

Apart from doing quests and earning rewards you can also roleplay as vampires and have fun in general.

Houses can also fight each other in House wars in which they can bet their experience in PvP fights.

IVA vampires also have exclusive access to IVA apartments, weaponries and libraries.

More features and more specific quests will be added soon.

A House is like your Vampire family. A House provides you with a place to sleep and grants you the benefits of teamwork and it’s experience. If a House has finished a lot of quests it will have a lot of experience which translates to higher rewards for quests.

For each quest that your House finishes you’ll be rewarded with forsals and experience. The more experience your house gains, the higher your tier, the higher your reward. That’s why it can be smart to have a large House and have lots of members who can all finish quests for your House or you can start an Elite House with exclusive members who work really hard.

Joining a House allows you to get the benefits of a House. Houses often work together as teams in quests and the more experience your House has, the better the rewards of your House.

Quite often a House will recognize talent and come to you, if that doesn’t happen you can check the IVA boards and look for Houses or check your local IVA Headquarter or Inn.

In order to start a House you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • You need to be an IVA member (and thus have a HMG account)
  • You need at least 2 members including yourself.
  • You need a House (quite obvious) where you can offer a room for each member of your House.
  • You need to pay a 250f fee just to make sure you’re serious. (You’ll easily gain this back with quests)
  • Afterwards you’ll have to create a group on HMG for your House and you can get started!

Quests are created by the Game Master of the IVA and will often contain tasks, puzzles and riddles. Quests are only open to IVA members and require an account.

An example of a quest would be to find a lost IVA item. As long as you’re an IVA member you can access the quest and enter the answers you’ve found. Once you’ve solved all parts of a quest you’ll find a code that you can exchange for forsals. Being part of a House can make your reward even higher.