Local player hospitalised after helpme being attended to within minutes.

Written by Somfic.

The infamous helpme command has taken its toll.

Commenting upon the odd feeling produced by the chance encounter, local player Wizardbi confided to reporters Monday that he was “totally weirded out” after his helpme being actually attended to within minutes of executing the command. “It took me by surprise and the moderator just kind of appeared out of nowhere” said the player, adding that he had never seen anything like this. Wizardbi needed plots in his city regioned. Sadly, the magical moment ended quickly after the moderator found the regions to be oddly shaped poly-regions. “They disappeared as soon as they noticed the shapes to not be squared”, stated Wizardbi, after which the player had to wait for the usual 25 minutes. Some reporters suggested Wizardbi to be hallucinating the moderator, given that Wizardbi was not able to retrieve logs of this encounter. “It was a quiet moderator, I swear it.” A spokesperson of the government has apologised and stated that “it definitely is not the protocol to answer to an helpme so quickly”, after which they wired F2500 to Wizardbi for compensation. Wizardbi stated to be in shock after the encounter and was later hospitalised. Both private detective companies as the staff team are currently investigating this matter.


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