Monbay is the largest private city in Hellominers. The city has over 4 million forsals in landvalue and is ruled by Felipe98_ and his royal advisories. The city is popular with the rich and has a strong real estate market.

How to get there

Nether tunnel: VC Mall turn right to GNR Hub.

Airport > one of the last airport booths.


The city today known as Monbay dates back to September 2014 when a small city called Oasis was created by Billymoar2 and Happyman224. Back in the day the city was about 30k forsals in landvalue. The city was later bought by former Vanguard Executive Vihq who renamed it Malibu. After a while Vihq transferred the city to Deitnerb who sold the city to Felipe and on the 23rd of March, 2016, the city relaunched as Monbay.

In the past two years Monbay has seen massive growth and due it’s gorgeous design it has gained a cult status among players. In 2018 Monbay acquired the nearby city of Wolfhills in order to turn it into a district of Monbay, Wolfhills is currently still in development. 

About the city

Unlike most private cities these days, Monbay doesn’t have a frontrow area with shops. However, judging from the renovations going on near the Monbay airport this might change soon. Despite its lack of dedicated shopping areas Monbay is one of the most beloved cities on the server. Mansions and even suburban houses are highly in demand and many elite players like the very rich and staff own property in the pristine city. The city’s popularity is probably due to its beautiful design and the popularity of Felipe98_ and some of his royal advisories like ~Tunnel

Current districts of Monbay

Where everything started! This area hosts the first subway station ever built on the city,amazing buildings like the ARC Headquarters and the Police Station.If you ever feel sleepy,hurry and go Vanilla Bean Cafe in front of the Police Station!
Zoom in (real dimensions: 854 x 480)
Duchy of West Sea

One of the biggest districts,there you can find the Public Pool, the Pet Shop,the Docks and the most famous beach in the town: Coconut Beach,where you can find The Shrimp’s Restaurant!

County of Sunscape
The first suburban area,you can find the glorious MonBay Theater and the unique Elysium Hill there,home to part of the upclass in the city.

County of MonBeach
This area was the first expansion of Montego Bay as a city.It holds the first beach addition,and the Light House aswell! You can also walk around the Pink Rock Lake,and have fun either fishing or taking a dip at the lake!

Duchy of ClearWater
The biggest district in the kingdom,you can find the Water Treatment Facility, the Royal Castle, the King’s Office(City Hall),the Airport,the Montego Bay Zoo,the MonSol Bridge and the first Stadium here!

San Marino Isles
One of the newest acquired lands of the kingdom,the island area is the boundary between Montego Bay and WolfHills city.The paradisiac island also has houses avaiable for anyone who is capable of affording them!

Duchy of Camborough
Located on the south area of the kingdom,it used to be a neighbour city.You can find the MonBay Water Arena,the Church and the Water Powerplant here.

Oppai Foreign Mainlands
The last piece of land acquired by the kingdom,the area has japanese themed buildings,and is the home to the best Hot Springs in the server! Make sure to stop by whenever you feel bad or need to chill! Rumors says that the water has healing properties!


Monbay arguably has the strongest real estate market on the server but that’s about it. While the city has stores and headquarters of companies like Orbit and ARC, these companies are reliques of the past and don’t meet modern day shopping standards of retail giants like Whole Blocks and Agora. If Monbay gets a dedicated shopping area in front of it’s airport and gets the right companies to settle there it can surpass Paradise Hills as the strongest private economy.


Monbay is a kingdom and therefore also ruled as one. Felipe is the king and Jenica is his Queen. Jenipe, Steedz and Tunnel are the prince and princesses of the Royal family. Furthermore there are also nobilities who serve Felipe and help manage the city.


Monbay is easy to access by nether tunnel, it has a fast connection in the GNR hub which you can access by using the VC Mall nether portal.


The city also has an international airport connection at /warp airport. 


Most notable about Monbay’s transport is by far it’s subway and monorail system. The subway system has over 11 stops connecting all districts of Monbay and Wolfhills. It has also been proposed to build a connection between Paradise Hills and Monbay as the massive cities border each other but ever since Arakorni89 left this has been postproned. 


Owner: Felipe98_

Tier: 14

Landvalue: 4,000,000+

Airport connection?: International, Ashford

Nether connection: Vc Mall, GNR HUB

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