Paradise Hills – Available plots

Available plots displayed on this page. Contact Arakorni89 if you are interested of any of these plots. Updated 13.3.2019. Click images to zoom in.


This fantastic looking building is a headquarters of a retired player. The interior is very nicely done, and it doesn’t have apartments inside. Brackett build requirements apply (highrise district). Plot size 18×17.


UPDATE: Two plots were merged together here recently. Nice looking apartment buildings twin in Paradise Hills old city centre area. You can walk here from airport or take metro to City Centre station. Size: 17×12. BONUS: PVP is possible on this area!


FOUR plots were merged together here to form this large plot. There are still two rented apartments so they have to be left alone for now. Excellent location for making some large apartments. Not good for a shop. Size is 17×20. BONUS: PVP is possible on this area!


This medium-height building is suitable for apartments and a ground floor shop. Size: 8×12. BONUS: PVP is possible on this area!


This is a medium-height and medium-tall building. Accessible by foot or from Stadium metro station using a tp sign from Airport. Size: 9×12. BONUS: PVP is possible on this area!


Rather nice looking tower on a quiet area. Size 8×13


Rather nice looking building on a quiet area. There are concrete machines underground. Size 7×15


Modern tower on a quiet area. Size: 10×13


This absolutely tiny building is legacy from the time of Paradise Hills’ former owner, who liked making miserable plots. It is barely large enough to make a home, but it can be used as a mailbox. As a good feature the view from this cliff house is fantastic. Designed and built by squishy200124. Suburb rules apply. Size: 6×8


This is a bit bigger, and the design on it is decent. Perhaps yours? Suburb rules apply. Size 9×9


According to the city registrate office, the previous owner of this building died due to an overdose of meth. But hey, it has quartz! Size: 10×9


This levitating building is waiting for someone to fix it to the ground. Size: 8×9


Now we are talking! One of the largest plots of Paradise Hills has Somfic’s old unfinished factory on it. It is very quickly accessible from PH airport metro station with a TP-sign. It is also in front of Paradise Valley industrial district’s metro station. Keep in mind that this district is industrial only. Mob spawning on this plot can be allowed! Size: 41×43


This plot has had 2 owners to it, but luckily for you neither of them decided to build on it. It is very quickly accessible from PH airport metro station with a TP-sign to Paradise Valley. It is quite large, 42×24. Industrial area rules apply, mob spawning on plot is allowed.


This petite house has certain style to it. It’s got a lovely view and it’s nicely next to a waterfall. Designed and built by squishy200124. Size: 13×7.


A lovely mid-sized plot on the New Suburbs district. It is quickly accessible from Paradise Hills airport metro station with a TP-sign to New Suburbs. You can build on the slabs! Size: 14×16

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