Paradise Hills

Paradise Hills is one of the fastest growing cities on Hellominers. The city is very popular with starters because the city has jobs and affordable plots.  The city seems to be expanding every few weeks and has a job center owned by TESLO.

How to get there

You can get to Paradise Hills by using the airport connection or through the Sudbury Netherhub.

If you want to use the nether connection, go to /warp VC and turn around until you see market stalls.

Walk past the Market stalls till you see a big cyan/white wool building with Sudbury on it.

Inside of the building there is a nether portal which will lead you to the Sudbury Netherhub. Walk through the hub until you see a sign saying Paradise Hills.


The city of Paradise Hills has a long history that dates back to August 2015. The city was founded by Darkking43 and Ghoat, but that is all we know. Later the city was bought by SakuraHaruno29 who together with Treycop11 brought the city back to live. They also expended the city to a total landvalue of 120,000 forsals.

At a certain point SakuraHaruno29 was about to open a new district worth 90,000 forsals. Instead she sold back the region to the government in order to acquire a plot in the new government city Crystal Bay.

In order to focus on her new company and a new city Newcrest she sold Paradise Hills to Arakorni89 for an undisclosed amount.

Arakorni89 has since invested millions of forsals into the city which now boasts over 3M forsals in land value.

About the city

Paradise Hills is a tier 14 city with 3,440,035 forsals in land value.

The city currently has 8 districts:

  • Brackett (skyscraper hotspot with airport)
  • Old city centre (PVP possible)
  • Suburbs
  • New Suburbs
  • Amston (embassies)
  • Amston Heights (estates)
  • Esker Falls (hybrid between Brackett and Old city centre)
  • Paradise Valley (Industrial Area housing Teslo’s Factory )

Upcoming districts:

  • Paradise Garden (lots of nature and water)
  • Oak plains (estates and city expansion)
  • El Cielo (estates in a more tropical environment)
  • Serene Coast (mountainous coastal area)
  • Lots of area reserved for future use

Some public and markable spots in the city are Paradise Hills Stadium and Paradise Hills Town Hall. The city has an industrial area known as Paradise Valley where companies can settle their factory (plotprice here is 6-8F per block).

Click here to access the real estate page!


Paradise Hills can be considered as a city with a healthy and growing economy. The city keeps expanding and is a popular choice for starters. There is plenty of work in Paradise Hills thanks to Teslo and ARA who both have job centres in Paradise Hills.

The retail market is also considered healthy but is close to being oversaturated. As the city currently boasts locations of Teslo, Vanguard Industries, Haven Market and ARA. However the city still has room left for companies that sell building material like concrete, terracotta and wool.

Paradise Hills’ weakspot has been the real estate market which is basically non-existent because of small plots deriving from it’s former owner’s era. The new areas of the city have much larger plots thus creating much more potential for apartment market.

Players can make money by working at the Teslo Factory and Arakorni’s Farm.

If you want a job at the Teslo Factory, contact NightEmperor (~Satan). If you want a job at Arakorni’s farm, contact Arakorni89.


The city of Paradise Hills is ruled by Arakorni89 and his City Council which gives advise. The current Paradise Hills Council exists out of:

  • Arakorni89
  • Nightemperor
  • Ashlynn Rose
  • Blocks Away


Paradise Hills has an international airport and a large metro network with three four metro lines: blue, red, lime and yellow. Five stations have teleport access from Paradise Hills airport.

Click the image to to access the metro map of Paradise Hills.

Paradise Hills

Owner: Arakorni89
Tier: 14

F 3,440,035
Airport Connection: Yes, International.
Nether Connection: Yes

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