Sodom Heights

Sodom Heights, also known as SoHe, is an iconic high-rise building in Valley City. Combining a massive private mall with luxurious apartments and the server's largest bar.
Founder of The Sodom Corporation

Shop till you drop

We have a massive private mall on our first floor filled with a variety of stores for your everyday needs. *

*Mall spots will be auctioned off soon.

Live like a royal

Wanna live in the heart of Valley City? We have affordable luxurious apartments available for you! *

*apartments are currently being build.

Party all night!

Wanna get drunk on Hellominers? Visit our liquor store! Ground floor, middle building. We sell a wide range of drinks and are currently building the largest bar on the server.

How do I get to Sodom Heights?

To go to Sodom Heights just go /warp vc and click on the district teleport sign. Once teleported walk in a straight line towards the enormous red and grey building and you’re there!