Sunset Coast

Sunset Coast is a tier 3 city owned by Mod KingofCamels101, also known as Rodney.

How to get there

River City has an airport at /Warp Airport but you can also go there by using the River City Charleston Hub.


The city was founded by Danielw_ and Articyeti17 and was approved on July 10th, 2015. The city was later sold to KingOfCamels101 on August 29th, 2015. The city slowly expanded and became home of the city’s famous ironball team: The Sunset Coast Camels.

About the city

Sunset Coast is a tier 3 city worth around 500.000 forsals. The city is home to the Sunset Coast Camels, their stadium is frequently used for government ironball tournaments. The city also has a beach and a suburbs district.


The Sunset Coast economy is quite weak considering the lack of property sales and companies. The only known companies in Sunset Coast are fallen apartment giant EDC and The Weather Apartment Company.


Camels are king ~ Rodney, 2018


The city has an international airport and a Charleston Netherhub connection and will soon have a bridge and highway connecting to government cities.

Sunset Coast

Owner: KingofCamels101
F 500,000 est
Airport Connection: Yes, International.
Nether Connection: Yes

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