Vanguard Industries

Vanguard Industries is a retail and apartments chain with multiple locations across the server. The company is run by Ashlynn_Rose, ValcronX and Blackfoe and is mainly known for being a strong retailer that restocks daily.

They’ve also provided countless dubs of concrete for the construction of important government projects like the RC-Avalon bridge. Vanguard is now hiring! 


Vanguard Industries in its earliest form was founded in 2014 by ViHQ, who is still involved in the company to this day. Shortly after ViHQ joined forces with ashlynn_rose to create the company we know today as Vanguard Industries.

In mid 2017 ValcronX started in the company as a farmer and continued to become a part owner in late 2017. As of today, VI is run as by it’s two primary owners, ashlynn_rose and ValcronX.

The original flagship VI store from 2014 still stands today in Helloclan city, found not far from spawn. It is still in use today, being run by Ash.

The new flagship and headquarters of VI opened recently in its first row NC location, and is constantly expanding.

Late july 2018, Blackfoe joined as the third owner and CFO of the Vanguard Industries Empire.


The historic former flagship of VI is located in Helloclan city and is currently run by Ash! This store has almost anything you could need and sports the iconic original look of Vanguard.
The new flagship of VI is located in first row NC, and is also accessible via /warp airport. This store, like it’s former counterpart in Helloclan city, has anything you could possibly need, and is constantly expanding! Both Ash and Val run this megastore.
The newest edition to the Vanguard fleet, our River City location is in a prime location and sports the most popular items in VI’s inventory. This store is run by Val.
Vanguard has multiple locations located in private cities, check back later for more info!


Being the largest retailer on the server brings great responsibilities. That’s why Vanguard Industries is looking for great workers.

Factory Worker

As a factory worker you work on the massive Vanguard Industries Campus. Here you can earn as much cash as you want. There are plenty of things to do on the campus.

Interested? Send a mail to Ashlynn_Rose

Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent you try to rent out Vanguard Apartments in various cities. For each apartment that you get rented out you’ll receive a commission.

Interested? Send a mail to Ashlynn_Rose

Type: Private

Industry:  Retail and apartments

Founder: Vihq

Owners: Ashlynn_Rose, Valcronx, Blackfoe

Headquarters: First row NC (former heritage site; Helloclan city)

Areas served: Helloclan city, NC, VC, RC, Ashford, Ocelot, Archendale, Paradise Hills

Products/Services: Primarily concrete, but almost everything else too. Custom orders via discord and apartments

Revenue: N/A

Total assets: 1.2 million+

Employees: N/A

Parent Company: N/A

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