Vilnius International

Vilnius International is a commercial development and architecture company originating from Justice City. The company creates designs but also rents out apartments and has multiple shops spread over various private cities.


Vilnius International started out mid-2018, under the name Vilnius Technologies. It began in Justice City and started with designs only. Soon after it quickly expanded and it provided designs, building, demolitions, shops, apartments, and so much more to the community.

It partnered with 79 Architecture to form Vilnius 79 Architecture, then soon split apart to start over again as Vilnius International.

Our headquarters complex is in Ocelot City and houses over 100 apartments, hotels, casinos, shops, and offices. We currently offer designs and builds and are always looking to expand our staff team, contact CEO DominationLT to apply today!


Vilnius International Headquarters Complex in Ocelot City, consists of apartments, casinos, restaurant, offices, rentable shop spaces, and so much more for the general public, it is our companies larget build with over 20k blocks of concrete alone! Offices and apartments in Trakai (Coming Soon) Apartments in Justice City and Sunset Coast (More soon)


Vilnius International is always looking for more workers!

Architect and Builder

These jobs go together, as people request a job, you will be added and required to design a building to fit the needs of the customer! You must also install and know how to use the mod schematica, you will then build the design you created and be paid accordingly

Real Estate Agent

You will be assigned to a building and it will be your job to either rent out apartments, or sell the properties you are given, you will be paid a piece of the sales

Type: Private

Industry:  Architecture, Commercial Development, Real Estate

Founder: DominationLT

Headquarters: Hollywood District, Ocelot City

Areas served: Ocelot City, Trakai, Sunset Coast, Justice City and many more private cities.

Products/Services: Primarily architecture, commercial development and real estate.

Revenue: N/A

Total assets: f500,000+

Employees: 7

Parent Company: N/A

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