Whole Blocks

Established in mid 2018, Whole Blocks is a retailer aimed at at the average consumer with their motto assuring customers of an affordable, fully stocked place to shop. They currently have two locations on the server, the flagship store in River City, and another in Ocelot; there is also a Whole Blocks Mini located in the Valley City stalls, offering necessities at competitive prices. A ‘Greggs’ subsidiary is coming to Leeds city, as a way of honouring the famous English city.

About the company

Whole Blocks stocks most necessities including all glass, concrete, as well as a selection of affordably priced dyes, building blocks and entities. They are famously known for their 38F Concrete, with over 100,000 blocks sold so far! A comprehensive guide to their products can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-2Ut4z5PyHTYgr0kbMjvIQiM9jVuDmFtpX2_vC7Xz2c/edit#gid=0

Whole Blocks enjoys a partnership with YeliExpress, who often work together on large projects. Their latest success is the renovation of the historic ‘High-End Tower’ in River City, which was originally built Gamma.


Whole Blocks Mini2018-06-30_19.34.08.pngLocated at our /warp VC location in the far corner of the stalls, the stall sells necessities!
Whole Block /Warp RC2018-06-30_19.32.47.pngOur flagship store located second row when you do /warp RC, turn right and walk straight! This store sells most of our products!
Ocelot City2018-06-30_19.34.50.pngOur first private city store selling the necessities, and much much more!

Whole Blocks is looking to expand into a city near you! With current plans to expand into another flagship store in Valley City, they are looking for further places to invest in! Their criteria for picking a location is extremely strict, going only for Front Row plots (to Intl. Airports or Warps).

Business practices

Whole Blocks is a private company owned primarily by Amoni, with support from board members Agentoinkers & Somfic. Investment opportunities are available, however only in the capacity of a Sole Beneficiary of profits from the store you help fund. As a result of being a private company they retain all financial information.

Type: Private.

Industry: Retail and Commercial Development

Founder: Amoni

Headquarters: River City

Areas served: River City, Valley City, Ocelot City

Products: Construction materials, Concrete, Glass, Entities, Food .

Revenue: N/A

Total assets: F 550,000

Employees: 4

Parent Company: N/A

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