Wizardbi used as coverup for Hellonati’s plans with Crystal Bay.

Written by Somfic.

It turns out Crystal Bay was actually useful for once. Wizardbi, who was hospitalised after a mysterious moderator attended his helpme within minutes Monday, was found dead in an alleyway hours after being discharged from the hospital somewhere in Crystal Bay. After a five minute autopsy peformed by someone that definitely was qualified, the cause of death was determined to be a tornado.

Wizardbi found dead in an alleyway in Crystal Bay.

We were allowed an exclusive interview with Chief Inspector Strange, cousin of the infamous administrator Doctor Strange. The Chief Inspector is, quote, ‘convinced the HM government has been infiltrated by the Hellonati’. The death of Wizardbi is supposedly directly connected to the attempt to shut down and completely remove Crystal Bay. How so, you may ask. Inspector Strange: ‘I found a note that was on Wizardbi saying something about how all the underground government projects are connected and that they are looking at moving something big through them’. The Chief Inspector denied any money from the staff team to be wired to Wizardbi, but did confirm to ‘large amount of money (being) wired to some well-respected staff’. After being asked if these staff members were in favour of the immediate removal of Crystal Bay, the Chief confirmed.

If we are to believe this Inspector, the Hellonati does exist. Why do they want to eliminate Crystal Bay? Which ‘well-respected staff members’ are involved? Why do they need the underground metro system? And who was that moderator in Wizardbi’s helpme?

Chief Inspector Strange has left us with more questions than answers, but fear not, his assistant, Sir Detective Iron, is to continue the investigation.

Detective Iron continues the investigation.

This is what we do know, though. The world-wide metro system was designed and executed by WholeBlocks. After further investigation, WholeBlocks representatives confirmed to be approached by a so-called “Ben” for this project. Could this Ben be in the Hellonati too? And which staff members are strongly in favour of the immediate shutdown of Crystal Bay? Could they be recruited by the Hellonati as well?

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