Data and Scale, a peek behind the curtains of HM’s newest superstore in the making.

Megastores have been struggling on Hellominers for quite a while. Where in the past we used to have multiple giants competing for the same customers with stores like Vanguard, GNSR and Aramega, we nowadays often find ourselves practically only going to Aramega as it is one of the few stores that is actually stocked these days.

The major pitfalls that all megastores these days struggle with are primarily being run by a single person and being spread too thin over too many cities.

One group of investing companies is trying to bring a change to that all with their new megastore concept: Blueline.

Blueline is a megastore in the works by the two sovereign holding companies: Bayview Investment Authority and International Valnirian Assets. Whereas BIA has no previous experience in running stores other than a small cafe in Bayview, IVA has been the parent of the largest retail chain by store count on the server for years now: Teslo.

The brand new company will tackle those two problems by focusing on having one single megastore, like Aramega, but in the city of Bayview and by using spreadsheets to record sales and to keep an eye on inventory.

S. Morningstar, Chairman of IVA had the following to say on it “When we were revamping Teslo to cope with being spread too thin we started working with a spreadsheet to keep track of sales and inventory of all our locations” the seasoned HM businessman told our newspaper.

A screenshot of Teslo’s current inventory system, after which Blueline’s inventory system will be modeled.

“so far this has proven to be a huge success allowing us to restock far sooner and keep customers happy. It also granted us insights into knowing which locations drive the most profit, which in this case happen to be Ashford Eastbay and Paradise Hills. So when the Bayview Investment Authority came with a proposal to tackle the megastore market, we decided to get in on that with this proven to be successful way of record-keeping”

The store that is currently under construction and hoping to open up by the end of Q1 this year, is busy with building its store, designed by famed Sodom archictect Luna and building the necessary infrastructure to stock its store.

The design of the Blueline store by Luna, soon to be built in Bayview.

This infrastructure is spread over 2 factories, one in the wilderness and another in Valnir’s new public factory that is currently under construction and well on its way to be the largest production site that the server has ever known.

“Many of the products that Teslo produces also generate by products, our tree fruits for example give us a whole lot of logs, which we’ll use for Blue Line. We’re confident in Blueline forming serious competition for Aramega by having a team of 4 rather than being a solo operation and by having data at the heart of our business, similar to the infamous WholeBlocks operation”.

WholeBlocks, a megastore that used to be around on Hellominers during the 2018-2019 era was a hugely successful store competing with the likes of Aramega and GNSR at the time, generating millions in revenue every month. Similar to present-day Teslo they kept extensive records of their sales in a spreadsheet, even using different pricing to make it easier to figure out which location drove the most sales.

“There are hundreds of items to stock, so we won’t be opening our doors until we have a relatively stable amount of farms to consistently stock our products” ended S. Morningstar.

Whether Blueline will come to fruition is still left to see, but we’re hoping that it happens.

When asked about the prospect of Aramega losing customers to a new competitor Aramega owner Ara could only say that he would love to see some competition as it would reduce the work-load of running his solo-run megastore empire that has generated millions so far.

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