Diamond market shaking up after introduction of trims on Hellominers

For those who have not been paying attention, diamonds, which have been rather stagnant for a while, are suddenly in huge demand. With the introduction of trims, a kind of customisation for your armor, multiple stores around the server have reported their diamond stocks to be completely bought out.

As it turns out diamonds are used for the legal duping of trims, while duping isn’t legal on Hellominers, the duping of trims is a vanilla feature rather than an exploit which makes it fine at the moment.

Regardless of this sudden surge, retailers like Blockazon and Aramega haven’t raised their prices yet, whether this shortage is a fad or will continue remains a question for now.

The thing with diamonds has always been that they’re not that easy to come by but since people use mending on their tools and armor, you’re often don’t need more diamonds.

In the recent years they’ve increased in price a little due to being needed for creating coal and other slimefun resources but this price increase hasn’t been drastic nor has the demand ever been this high.

This shortage however does provide nifty miners with an opportunity to finally sell their diamonds to big retailers, who usually were stocked just fine with the resource.

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