Hellominers has a couple of organisations from City unions to cults dedicated to a certain technician *cough* Nico. To keep track of all those organisations, be they government departments or secret cults HMGuide has this page with an oversight of all the organisations.

Government Departments

Government departments are organisations that are officially run by the Hellominers Government (Staff)

  • Hellominers Brewery and Gaming Commission.
  • Hellominers City Department
  • Hellominers Athletics Association
  • Hellominers Government Cities
  • Hellominers Community Development Department
  • Hellominers Conservation Department
  • Hellominers Event Department
  • Hellominers Infrastructure Department

General Organisations

The following organisations aren’t government related.

  • Southern Union for Development
  • Northern Transport Department

Hellominers Historical Society

Hellominers Rares Association

Cults and Religions

Nicochulo Cult