Hellominers prepares for switch to a more consumerist economy with the addition of thirst

Within a few weeks the server will have a new game feature added, namely: thirst. Whereas hunger is a vanilla feature, thirst is an addition to that to make the game more realistic and to prop up the brewing market.

So far the announcement of this feature has had several mixed reactions, from certain cities like Bayview and Traquai announcing free water bottle dispensers to companies like Aramega, Horizon and Teslo announcing a line up of drinks in their stores. Some players even announced to only consume alcoholic drinks, which isn’t really recommended but hey you do you.

Whether this measure will increase the sale of drinks or not is still heavily debated amongst several players but we’ll have to see how it plays out. While some people are very vocally against the introduction of the plugin, others welcome the plugin’s possibilities to stimulate the economy.

Whereas free bottle dispensers would obviously not help the market, the question remains whether people will actually use those, use their own water bottles on infinite water sources or go with the flow and drink juices which not only can restore thirst but also restore hunger at the same time.

Regardless, staff hopes that this measurement will do what it is intended to do and if it doesn’t the plugin can always be removed.

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