Montego Bay

Montego Bay, colloquially known as Monbay or sometimes Nontego Gay is one of the oldest and most esteemed nations on the server. It’s a tier 6 city operated by Felipe_98. 

Other territories within Monbay include New Jamaica,New Aurora, New Victoria and Port June.

Unlike most cities and nations, ever since Felipe took control of  what is now known as Monbay it has been a monarchy. 

Quick Facts

Status: Active

Discord: Click here for invite.


How to get there:


– HM International Airport

– Kingdom of Haven 
– Paradise Hills

Owners/Managers: Felipe_98

Tier: 6

Parent: Independent

Total landvalue: over 5 million.

Founded on: March, 2015

Founded by: Felipe_98


The Kingdom of Montego Bay was officially founded in March 2015. Beforehand the city used to have different owners and different names. The oldest name we can trace back is Oasis, followed by Malibu. 

The red square is what used to be Oasis, the green border shows what used to be Malibu and in the meanwhile the Kingdom of Monbay stretches over more than 5 million forsals of land.

Throughout its history many people assumed there was some sort of rivalry between Monbay and Solaris but this has never been the case as is evidenced by the Solomon bridge that connects Monbay and Solaris.

The real drama was between former Admin Whatspenguin, Tekton9 and Monbay. 

As Solaris and Monbay developed the areas around them to merge the cities Tekton9 showed up and regioned the land in between to start a city. 

In response Monbay built and regioned a wall around Tekton9’s sudden new settlement which resulted in a report on the old forums. Tekton9’s report got mocked by the community and out of nowhere Whatspenguin became active again and tried to buy the settlement which in the end did not happen.

Although the Monbay royal house has known a few royals what always stayed consistent was Felipe_98 remaining as king with Jenica by his side. More about the royal house in culture.


Mainland Monbay lies in the middle of the map, close to spawn surrounded by major neighbours like the nations of Paradise Hills and Argos. Monbay has more than 5 million forsals in land if you don’t count the other territories that are mostly autonomous like New Aurora and Port June. 


Government & Politics

The Kingdom of Monbay is one of the few actual monarchies on the server and ruled by King Felipe and Queen Jen.  As mentioned before Jenica rules over New Aurora and has full autonomy over this region, as does King Narwhals who rules over Port June which is a Vasal state to Monbay.

 Crown Prince: Jenipe

 2nd Prince: Somfic, Duke of New Jamaica.

 3rd Prince: SteedzMinecraft (married into foreign lands)

 1st Princess: YourAverageName (married into foreign lands) 

2nd Princess: Pebbles0224 (deceased) 

King Narwhals of Port June

Duke Jayce of Clearwater

Countess Xevia of Sunscape

Baron Ryan of San Marino

Overall during geopolitical tensions in the regions surrounding the Kingdom, Monbay has always opted to be neutral and not choose a side. Although politically and economically the Kingdom is part of the Southern Union for Development, it also houses the organisations headquarters. 


Throughout Monbay’s history the economy has been through many stages. It started out like any other city with an apartment building boom where companies would settle their apartment buildings in the popular city of Monbay. The city never caught on as a shopping destination until recently.

As time moved on and the apartment industry fell in disarray Monbay moved on to a real estate based economy. Having a mansion or studio in Monbay was seen as a sign of wealth for a long time and to this day still is. Many famous players, including current and former staffmembers are known to have residences in Monbay.

As of recently the King has pushed for Monbay to commercialize its airport districts which has resulted in multinational supermarket chain Teslo opening a location in the downtown district and megastore chain Antec opening its flagship store and headquarters in the airport district.

The kingdom is also known for financing and building international infrastructure which has resulted in the city being connected to the Kingdom of Haven and Paradise Hills by rails and roads.  

Despite those efforts Monbay is still not known as a shopping destination but who knows what the future holds for this place.

For information about New Aurora and Port June their economies check their respective pages which are currently still under construction.


Monbay’s unique form of government as a monarchy allowed for the development of a different culture. The city is known for its monarchy roleplay which includes a royal ball of which there have been 7 now.



A building materials and slimefun store found only in Monbay.


A full supermarket location of Valnirian Supermarket chain Teslo, can be found in over 16 other cities. Sells alcohol, food and other slimefun items.


A megastore that can be found in multiple cities ran by Aya.


Monbay has the Lakeside Farm district where newbies can farm items and sell it to the kingdom. It also has a minecart push job that pays 500F per finished job and can be done every 15 minutes.

Real Estate

The Monbay real estate market is hot and contested with some buildings going for over 100k.