The Basics of Slimefun Cooking (Exotic Garden)

Did you know? On the Hellominers Server you can make over 40 different food recipes and many more drink recipes! In this Minecraft Slimefun cooking guide (Exotic Garden addon) we teach you how to make those foods, how to gather and make the ingredients and the best practices for your gastronomic adventures on Hellominers.

Food is rather important on minecraft and it isn’t any different on Hellominers, what is different though is the foods we tend to eat here and today I am revealing the secrets on how to make food!

For starters, there is a section on foods in the slimefun guide in-game that you get when you first join the server or when you type /sf guide. However, some people still find it all a bit difficult, which is rather sad as there is no reason to be confused!

Why would you eat slimefun foods instead of vanilla minecraft foods? Well it’s more fun, the foods are consumed faster and some foods restore up to 10 hunger! (Move aside plain old cooked beef and golden carrots)

Some examples of food you can make!

Something all Slimefun cooks need: The Kitchen

Let’s start with the basic machine you need for pretty much all slimefun foods: The Kitchen.

The kitchen is a multi-block machine, that is rather easy to make and it allows you to make a full stack of a food at a time. If you find that to be too slow there is also an auto-kitchen but that’s rather complicated and will be discussed later.

Let us start with assembling a kitchen!

We’ll need the following items at first:

A furnace, a dispenser, a crafting table, a stone pressure plate, a iron trapdoor, a bookshelf, a brick block and 2 brick stairs. Despite it being a kitchen with a furnace, you won’t need any coal or fuel to use the kitchen. We’ll assemble the kitchen as shown in the Gif here:

Once we have our kitchen set up we can start cooking! While there are a lot of recipes to try, 105 recipes to be exact. Let’s start with a rather simple one: a Hamburger!

If we look up a hamburger in the slimefun guide, it tells us the recipe for a hamburger is bread and beef, needs to be made in a kitchen machine and restores 5 hunger.

We’ll put a stack of bread and a stack of beef in the dispenser, after which we click on the iron trap door.

You can hold your mouse clicked on the iron trap door to keep making the food till the machine runs out of ingredients.

Now once you’ve done all of the above, your furnace will have your hamburgers (or any other food you choose to make) in it, ready for you to eat or sell!

Alright, we have a kitchen ready and we know how to make food, so lets try some other recipes. For some of the recipes you need to make other machines to craft the ingredients. So let’s learn about these other machines and test some new recipes!

The Ore Washer, for your salty snacks.

The ore washer is a basic machine that you can use for many Slimefun purposes, but for this guide we’ll keep it to the purpose of making salt, an ingredient you need for recipes like popcorn or fries.

The ore washer is rather simple to craft, all you need is a cauldron, a fence of any wood type and a dispenser.

You place the cauldron first, then you put a fence on top of it and you top it off with a dispenser, like shown in the gif down here.

Now we have our Ore washer ready, we grab some sand, yup you read that right, sand, we use sand to extract salt from!

Now we put the sand in the dispenser and then we click on the fence for the Orewasher to wash out the salt out of the sand.

A stack of sand gives you half a stack of salt, now lets use that salt to make some tasty fries, one of the more popular food items on the server!

Now we have salt, lets grab some potatoes and make fries in our kitchen machine!

We add potatoes and salt to the kitchen machine and click on the trapdoor like we did before (be sure that the furnace slot is empty though and doesn’t contain any leftovers like your hamburgers).

The enhanced crafting table, for almost every other ingredient

Alright, we already have 2 pretty easy recipes but lets venture into something a bit harder. Let’s say we want to upgrade our hamburger into something even better: a cheese burger! Well in order to do that we need cheese and cheese is made in the enhanced crafting table, which is a rather easy machine to make so lets do it.

For the record, this enhanced crafting table is also used for a lot of other slimefun stuff, but that’s something we’ll discuss in our slimefun basic machines guide.

All we need is a crafting table and a dispenser to make this machine. You put down the dispenser first and put the crafting table on top, that’s how easy it is.

Now for the cheese we need two ingredients: a bucket of milk and salt. We put in the bucket of milk and the salt in the enhanced crafting table, click on the crafting table and it makes cheese! Now this can also be automated, but automation can be quite hard due to the machines being hard to make so that’s something we’ll discuss later.

Now that we have our cheese and our hamburger, let’s turn it into a cheeseburger with the kitchen machine!

Put your cheese and your hamburger into the kitchen machine, click on the iron trap door and now you have a cheeseburger!

Here are all the ingredients you can make in the enhanced crafting table:

  • Cheese
  • Butter
  • Vegetable oil
  • Heavy cream
  • Yeast
  • Molasses
  • Brown sugar
  • Country gravy

Before we move on to the next machine, let’s talk about gathering fruits and vegetables.

Gathering fruits and vegetables

So if you paid attention, you probably saw that we can make a lot of cool foods like tacos, curries, pancakes and popcorn. Now in order to make these things, you’re going to need more than just vanilla minecraft ingredients, you need slimefun fruits and vegetables.

While there are stores that sell those fruits and vegetables, sometimes you just want to grow your own food and here is how you do so.

For starters, every fruit or vegetable has it’s own plant.

There are about 40 different plants, in the gif here you can see two of them: garlic and grape.

You can find these plants anywhere in the wild of Hellominers and also in our resource world, it’s a fun challenge to collect them all. If you’re not having luck finding these plants the next best thing you can do is to break grass. When you break grass it often drops something like wheat seeds or melon seeds, but on Hellominers it also drops Slimefun plants!

To do this just break grass with your hands or use a crook for a 25% increase in sf plant drop rate. You can make this crook in the enhanced crafting table that we discussed earlier.

As with vanilla minecraft crops, you can also speed up the growth of slimefun crops with bonemeal, meaning you don’t need to gather like a stack of every plant to make a stack of a fruit or vegetable.

There are also trees out in the wilderness, which will have fruits like lemons, dragonfruit or coconuts, these can be grown like any other vanilla tree would as well. Make sure you break the leaves and let the fruits drop rather than breaking the fruits.

Alright now that we’ve got gathering fruits and vegetables, let us move on to the next machine:

The Grind Stone: for making flour, ice and mayo?

Yeah, you read that right, we use a grindstone for making mayo amongst other things. I was as surprised as you are when I found out. So how do we make a grindstone to make that mayo? Well we need two items: a dispenser and a wooden fence (any wood works, I picked oak because that’s what I had at hand).

Now it’s important that you place the dispenser facing up and then put the fence on top of it, you can’t do it in another way.

There you have it, a grindstone, now you can make various things like wheat flour, corn flour, mayo, ice and a bunch of other ingredients.

As we’ve just learned how to gather slimefun fruits and vegetables, let’s make some mayonaise for a chicken sandwich.

For the mayonaise we need eggs to put in the dispenser of our grindstone, after which we click on the fence and the grindstone will turn those eggs into mayo!

Now we put the mayo together with some cooked chicken in the kitchen machine and boom, we have some tasty chicken sandwiches!

That brings us to the last machine you need to round up your chef’s education on Hellominers: the juicer.

The Juicer, for juicing things

The Juicer is used to you guessed it, make juices, you can turn strawberries into strawberry juice, pineapples into pineapple juice and so on. So what has that to do with cooking? Well, for recipes like a strawberry jelly sandwich you need juice. So a juicer just is a very nifty thing to know how to use and one of the few machines that you can’t automate.

So how do we make a juicer? Simple, a dispenser, a netherbrick fence and a glass block on top of it.

Now we’ve got our juicer built, let’s grab some strawberries and make strawberry juice! Don’t worry, you don’t need any glass bottles for this, just put in your strawberries and click the netherbrick fence. Now keep in mind that you’ll need to deal with the limited item slots in the machine, but in the next guide: automating cooking we’ll cover all of that.

With that covered, you know now all the basics of cooking with the slimefun exotic garden addon on hellominers!