United States of Sodom

The United States of Sodom, (U.S.S. or USS) commonly known as Sodom is a federal nation with landclaims accross the whole server. The nation consists of four states:

  • Sodom, its namesake and capital. (To be approved)
  • Valnir, the industrial powerhouse of the nation. (To be approved).
  • Northmarsh, formerly known as Stalingrad.
  • Almloft, formerly known as Solis.

The United States of Sodom were founded by the players _LunaticCultist_ & ~Satan and is currently a nation state in progress rather than a full tier 6 nation state. 

Quick Facts

National Flag


National Coat of Arms

National Motto: Audentes Fortune Iuvat (Fortune favours the bold). 

Capital: Sodom

Largest City: Sodom

Owners: President Luna, Vice-President Satan. 

Total landvalue: 2,585,675F




  • The beginning of Sodom.
  • Birth of an Empire
  • Sodom’s acquisition of Stalingrad and the Apartment War.
  • The founding of the breadbasket of the South.
  • The acquisition of Solis and re-appearing tensions between HMSU and Sodom.


  • Sodom
  • Valnir
  • Almloft (formerly known as Solis City).

Government and Politics

  • Sodom’s Government
  • Government Finances
  • Foreign relations
  • Military and Law enforcement.


  • Production Industry
  • Real Estate market
  • Financial Services