Ashford is one of the older cities on the server, with about 4 million forsals in land and a history of being the roleplay capital of the server the city is looked upon as a great city by many. 

The city sets itself apart by having wide roads and large mansions, which have gone for as much as 200k a pop.

Quick Facts

Coords: 2084, 2715 > 2541, 3149

How to get there:

  • International Airport

Owners/Managers: Alexisturnt

Parent: Independent

Total landvalue: 5,671,335F

Founded on: July, 2017

Founded by: Alexisturnt


Player Alexisturnt started working on Ashford in the summer of 2017 and officially opened the doors of Ashford in 2017. 

Right off the bat the city was a popular destination for players interested in large mansions and roleplay. Ashford championed roleplay by facilitating it through a police station, court and jail. You could rob the bank and steal a bunch of bank notes that you could cash in with the downside being that if you were caught you’d have to spend some time in the Ashford jail.

After a while Ashford stagnated in popularity, which was reversed by a real estate boom in 2022 by Noah__, Alex’s underling. 

At the end of 2022 Alex returned to Hellominers to expand Ashford with a beautiful winter resort where players can ski.

She also started giving away plots to businesses to set up shop and make Ashford a shopping destination, a function it has lacked for a while.


Ashford is about 1400 blocks west of Monbay and is furthermore surrounded by Florae and Valnir in the South. In the  East it meets Snowpine city and north it finds itself surrounded by Ferobanke.

Ashford is seperated in Ashford proper which includes downtown and Ashford East Bay.

Government & Politics

Ashford has always functioned as a republic with a president, which for a while was Ryan F, not to be confused with Ryan also known as Edge.

As of recent many of it’s roleplay aspects have faded to the background and there doesn’t seem to be a political body, leaving decisions about the city to it’s founder and owner Alex.


Ashford’s economy like it’s competitor Monbay has high-end real estate as it’s foundation. 

It’s gated mansion district has been consistently popular with players, with some mansions going for as much as 200k.

While Ashford did have stores since it’s inception, think Teslo and Vanguard Industries and it’s very own homegrown McBlockies, the city struggled to become a shopping destination. 

Regardless, the city does manage to attract newbies due to it’s job center which has a minecart push job.

In recent months the city has started attracting businesses by giving out free plots for stores resulting in the re-arrival of Teslo and the establishment of a Blockazon location.


Roleplay has always been Ashford’s unique selling point. The city gives off an American small town vibe despite being one of the larger cities on the server.

This can be seen in the bank, the court and jail, the hospital and other roleplay facilities.


Store by Thendil, can also be found in places like West City, sells daily essentials and building materials.

Ashford’s very own local fastfood restaurant, owned and operated by Alex, there are no other known locations

A full supermarket location of Valnirian Supermarket chain Teslo, can be found in over 16 other cities. Sells alcohol, food and other slimefun items.


Jobs in Ashford are centered at the farm close to the downtown district. Players can push a minecart that pays them 250F per cart, which can be done once every half hour. Furthermore players can farm crops at the farm and sell them to Alex or the nearby Teslo. 

Real Estate

As stated before Real Estate in Ashford is quite huge market. The most prominent areas to settle in are the mansion district and East Bay. 

The mansions in the mansion district can go for as much as 200k.

Meanwhile the  houses in East Bay are more affordable but still quite pricey.