Ashford is most popular and second largest private owned city on Hellominers. Ashford is quite famous for its roleplay (which usually tends to be dramatic) and has its own government in which players can participate.

Unlike other cities, Ashford doesn’t have a nether tunnel connection and can only be visited by using an airport.

How to get there

Warp to Airport by typing /Warp Airport

Buy a ticket at the Ashford (AF) booth which you can find behind the Southbank (STH) booth.

Go through Airport Security, stand in front of the Chest sign with the Ashford Flags and sell your ticket.

Tickets are only 5F but if you’re a citizen of Ashford just ask Alex for some free tickets.


 Ashford was founded by AlexIsTurnt on the 22nd of July in 2017. The city opened with an astonishing land value of 1.5 million forsals which is quite rare. Most cities start with 60k to 120k of land value. The New expansion near the National Park opened in November 2017.

About the city

Ashford is a tier 14 city and is currently settled on 2,432,245 forsals worth of land. Which makes Ashford the second largest private city on the server. The city was founded on the principles of providing a realistic and fresh looks and tends to focus on creating a better roleplay experience.

Players usually do police / murder roleplay’s in Ashford and there is also a bank which you can actually rob.

Ashford has multiple facilities including an International Airport and a Regional Airport. Furthermore it also has a:

– Bank
– Battle Palace
– Ironball Stadium
– Police Station
– Hospital
– City hall
– Library

– Job Center
– Lighthouse
– Gas station
– Court & Jail.
– Modern Art Museum
– Golf Course
– Estates


Ashford is the largest city on the server and therefore also the richest. However, the Ashford Economy isn’t as thriving as other in other cities. There are only 2 locations of Mega Corporations in Ashford: Orestore and Rays Inc.

So let’s say you’re hungry after being chased by the Ashford police, well you’re in trouble buddy because stores that sell food are hard to find. Also if you’re going to buy a plot in Ashford, bring your own building materials because Ashford doesn’t have a store selling concrete or any other common and allowed building materials.

A lot of buildings in Ashford are either empty or serve as a roleplay building.  Apartment buildings and functional stores are quite rare but there are a few:
– Baron’s Deli & Grocery (New Expansion)
– SugarSuper (New Expansion)
– Jenica’s Bakery (New Expansion)
– The Potion Shop (New Expansion)

Although Ashford is not a shops or apartment buildings based economy, it does have a strong estate market. Estate Mansions are being sold for as much as 70.000 forsals.

Ashford also has a Small Business Program which you can apply for here. The small business program is meant to help small businesses in Ashford grow. It includes possible Monthly payment bonuses, Monthly small business shop days, Free airplane tickets for you and customers, and free advertising.

Players can also make money by mining, farming and tree farming at the Ashford Farm.


Ashford has its own democratic Government chosen by the citizens of Ashford. Every 3 months there are elections in which anyone can participate as long as they have a party. There is also an option to run as an independent which requires 10 people that will sign a petition to let you run independently.

The first president of Ashford was Dawn_Doggy but after he resigned Noah431, who ended up second in the elections,  became President.

The second elections just ended recently on the 10th of November 2017. There were 6 parties participating

– The New Democrats (Winning party)
– Haven Conservative Party (Second party)
– Time for Change
– Capitalist Party
– Liberal Capitalist Party
– Power To The People!

The New Democrats ended up getting 34 votes with ~Ryan as president.

You can also start your own party as long as your Party HQ is settled in Ashford.

Furthermore there have been wars with Ashford’s #1 arch enemy Solaris. Ashford has nuked Solaris at least once.


Ashford has an international airport and a regional airport. The city is connected to the North City /Warp Airport. Monbay and Avalon City.

Ashford also has it’s own subway system with two lines, the red line and the blue line.

The Blue line connects the Farm with the East Bay beach and crosses the Red line at Central Park. The red line takes you from the International Airport to the Stadium, Downtown North, Central Park and ends in front of the Ashford Mansion District.


Owner: AlexIsTurnt
F 2,432,245
Airport Connection: Yes, International and Regional.
Nether Connection: No
President: ~Ryan

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