Soviets prop up their economy with first large scale food farm of its kind.

The Hellominers Soviet Union has recently opened up its first large public farm, it has been added to the public farms GUI at /warp EventHub. Food is an industry predominately dominated by Valnirian retailer Teslo, but since the soviets have not always been on good terms with Valnir and its allies it seems more than logical for the soviets to boost their own food production.

The farm is aesthetically pleasing to look at and has farms for your standard vanilla crops, trees and also slimefun crops. Whether the soviets are looking to expand their footprint in the food markets is unsure. Their national retail chain Blockazon, which is known to boast many locations similar to Teslo, typically focuses on building materials but also sells food on the side.

With the food market heating up with the expansion of McBlockies and the revival of Bayview-based Links they might want to dip their toes into this field as well, only time will tell eventually.

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