Floræ is a small town on the Hellominers server located in the Southern hemisphere. What seperates Floræ from other cities is the focus on cute aesthetics like Cottage Core and natural vibes. The only city rivaling Floræ on this aspect is New Aurora, even though New Aurora has a more broad range of aesthetics.

Quick Facts


How to get there: HM International Airport.
Kingdom of Haven or Valnir by Train.

Owners/Managers: Bugatea, Nicochulo2001

Parent: Independent

Total landvalue: 

Founded on:

Founded by: Bugatea, Nicochulo2001


Floræ is a


Floræ is located in the east of the Southern hemisphere. The city is surrounded by the Kingdom of Haven in the west, the Kingdom of Valnir in the east and the city of Ashford in the North.


Government & Politics

There isn’t much known about the Government and Politics of Floræ. The city is ran mostly by Bugatea while bankrolled by Nicochulo2001.

The city is a member state of the Southern Union for Development.


Floræ doesn’t really have much of an economy as a rather small city it relies on selling plots and tourism.


Floræ is rather small and not really developed but the buildings that are there follow a minecraft cottage core aesthetic.



Floræ has two shops, a location of Valnirian retail chain Teslo and a local store called The Forum.



As of our knowledge today there are no jobs in Floræ. Jobs can be found in neighboring states Ashford, Valnir and Haven.

Real Estate

The Floræ real estate market isn’t exactly thriving but it remains a neat little place to build a aesthetic house while having connections to the more prospering neighbor states of Ashford, Valnir and Haven.