Helloclan City

Helloclan is the defacto Capital of the Hellominers server and the oldest city still existing.

The city has 6 districts and shares it’s borders with neighboring Government City Valley City. 

It’s home to the large luxerious shopping district: West City and the elite mansion district: Hello Hills.

Quick Facts

Coords: -650, -1089 > 127, -306

How to get there: /Warp A. Most airports

Owners/Managers: Government

Parent: Independent

Total landvalue: 6,099,520F

Founded on: Somewhere in 2011

Founded by: Helloclan13 (Server’s owner)


Hello Clan City, named after the founder of the server HelloClan13 is the oldest city on the server. As a Government-City it is managed by staff and player-elected mayors.

The City has a lot of historical buildings that have been there for nearly a decade. 


As the first city on the map, the city can be found in the center of the map.

It’s surrounded by it’s fellow government city Valleyside, the HMSU settlement of Valleyside in the East and South East respectively.

In the West the city is bordered by Sunville.

Government & Politics

As a Government city, ultimately the city is controlled by the staffmembers of Hellominers. 

Although more than often players whether as mayors or as driven visionaries get to help with defining the city. 

West City for example was shaped by the player Toromboo who transformed the district of Hello Clan City into a prestigious shopping center.


Hello Clan’s economy used to be the server’s strongest until a few years ago.

Since that moment economic activity has shifted towards private cities although West City still functions as an important trade hub.

Other than that the city’s mansion district is coveted by many and can see mansions go for near millions.


As a Government city HelloClan does not really have a specific culture. The city is known for hosting important things like the Hellominers International Airport (HMIA) and the Pitt, an arena for pvp’ers.



Hello Clan City is home to many shops.

Even though West City is the economic heart of the city, that doesn’t leave other districts void of economic activity.

Whereas West City is more modern, Hello Clan City Central is home to iconic companies like Rays Inc, BearCo and formerly SFC.


There are no known jobs in Hello Clan City

Real Estate

The Hello Clan Real Estate market is one of the hottest real estate markets. Plots in this city have gone for as much as 4 million forsals (the EGEO deal).


Hello Clan City is a rather large city. That’s why the Plot information is spread over multiple pages.