One month after their IPO’s and now already the best-performing stocks on the HMCSM.

About a month ago the Hellominers Company Stock Market enlisted two new companies: The Sodom Corporation run by ~Satan and Harper’s run by Bloom. Both stocks in their own unique way have performed excellently for their shareholders. This article explains why you should invest in the remaining shares.

The HMCSM has a past of not being taken seriously by many while in reality it’s run as a professional stock market. The two newest additions to the HMCSM prove that being an investor on the HMCSM can definitely pay off.

Harper’s, for example, has shown an incredible profit for the month of September. Reporting over 120.000 forsals in sales. If you had bought 10% of their stocks that are available on the market you’d have banked 12,000 forsals that month in passive income. True, it might come with a price as Harper’s ticker is currently at 866 forsals per share but it’s worth it. Imagine keeping your stocks for 6 months and receiving 12,000 forsals in dividends every month, that would be 72,000 forsals extra cash for you and you could sell the shares again.

The other stock, The Sodom Corporation didn’t have an amazing profit like Harper’s yet but at 155f per share it was dirt cheap and with its recent increase in value the stock is now at 172f per share. If you were to sell 100 TSC shares you’d have made 2000 forsals by just buying low and selling high.

Dome’s shares, while not publicly listed anymore are also quite promising, all with all, buying shares on the Stock Market isn’t a bad investment. In fact, it’s way better than storing your money in banknotes as the dividends and rising share prices can make you way more money.

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