Brewing Industry Insights: May 2019

Industry Insights aims to visualize data of industries on Hellominers in order to help executives make better decisions. In this post, HMGuide tries to answer the following questions to paint a picture of the markets:

  • What is the current size of the Brewing Industry on Hellominers?
  • How has the industry performed in the past 30 days
  • What will be the size of the Brewing Industry in the upcoming 30 days?
  • What are trends amongst breweries right now and what might happen in the future?

Some key points in this report: the industry has continued to grow despite server downtime, profits have continued to grow as well, apparently there is a market for non-alcoholic drinks as well but it isn’t all roses, dark times seem to be ahead for breweries.

Current size of the brewing industry

As of right now, the Brewing Industry has an estimated market cap of 659,000 forsals (+16%). This number is based on the combined market cap of the industry’s active companies including but not limited to Volcano Brewing Company, Nomad Distillery, Brevera, Royal Monbay Brewery, Karma and Demonic Spirit. However, it should be noted that Volcano Brewing Company also operates in the entertainment industry. It’s currently unknown how much of VBC’s market cap consists of its brewing operations.

Ironically VBC has the largest market cap at the moment but its revenue is the lowest in the entire industry.

How has the industry performed in the past 30 days?

In the last Industry Report, it was projected that the industry would soon hit 1 million forsals in market cap but the server downtime really limited the growth of this market. One more brewery joined the ranks: Karma which surprisingly doesn’t make any alcoholic drinks which means there is also a market for non-alcoholic drinks.

Based on anonymous data it has been reported that multiple breweries made more than 10,000 forsals in sales, including some of the newcomers in the industry. One brewery even reported over 30,000 forsals in sales.

In spite of the server downtime, brewing continued to be a stable industry with a lot of growth. However, it isn’t all fun and giggles, some of the smaller companies mention being overshadowed by the larger breweries. Keep in mind that larger retailers like WholeBlocks and Agora haven’t even dipped their toes into this market yet so it might get worse for breweries who can’t build a loyal fanbase.

What will be the size of the Brewing Industry in the upcoming 30 days?

Estimating the size of the brewing industry is hard. Especially since the amount of players online is fluctuating a lot lately. It’s really simple: more players online, more alcohol sold but that’s true for any industry.

Judging on the fact that the industry has seen a 16% growth despite of the server downtime it’s estimated that the industry will actually hit the 1 million forsals market cap next month. That’s if the server doesn’t suffer another downtime.

We’re also predicting that in the coming 30 days WholeBlocks will enter the markets, the company would probably have entered earlier if it wasn’t for the server downtime. Agora seems to have lost interest in the brewing industry however, the fact that a company like WholeBlocks is coming to the industry should scare any brewery executive.

  • The price of shulkers have decreased from an all-time high 450f to an affordable 200f per shulker, this has helped brewing companies get more profit out of their Party Packages. Party Packages or whatever you’d like to call them are shulkers full of drinks, on average priced at 1800f they remain popular.
  • While cheap drinks have gained popularity in the past 60 days, more high-end drinks are making a comeback. Drinks like Cabernet and Devil Vodka are winning the hearts of consumers again.
  • Non-Alcoholic drinks can also sell! Especially caffeine inspired drinks like frappucinos and coffee appear to be popular.
  • It’s expected that WholeBlocks will enter the market any time soon, smaller breweries should brace themselves.

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