Teslo returns from slumber with stocked locations and more expansion in sight.

Paradise Hills – Valnirian supermarket giant Teslo has undergone some big transformations in the past few weeks. From stocking all its locations to building and stocking the first mega supermarket and launching a brand new drink.

The store chain known to be in pretty much every city on the server has committed to stocking all stores it has in its portfolio. Whereas in the past a lot of Teslo stores would be empty with the exception of fries for example, the Valnirian retailer now announces that all built out stores are actually stocked with a range of 9 everyday items. 

Fries, bandages, exp bottles, charcoal and a variety of drinks are now available in 24 stores, meaning you won’t run into an empty chest when shopping at Teslo. 

“We’re aware that Teslo has built up a reputation of the store that is everywhere but never in stock and that’s something we’re changing in this new year” admits CEO S. Morningstar

The Valnirian retailer now has 24 of its stores stocked, with the other 6 locations still needing to be built, such as its Southbank gas-station and the latest addition: a plot in Dubai.

Another major change is that the retailer has also been working hard at stocking its first megastore in Ashford Eastbay, which sells over 115 foods, drinks and ingredients. “90% of the chests in that store are completely filled to the brim, with a few exceptions being in the meats and drinks departments”.

Alongside actually stocking stores, the retailer has also drastically lowered prices of most of its inventory. Whereas fruits and vegetables used to go for 32F a stack, they now sell for a mere 8F or 11F a stack. The reasoning behind this colossal price drop is the fact that it’s former price points were too high for most people to get into making slimefun foods. The exception being meat, as Hellominers struggles with a severe case of meat inflation at the moment.

Lastly the company launched a new drink called Synthetic Blood, which is available at all locations, in an attempt to satisfy the hunger of vampires outside of the Valnirian vampire kingdom. Whether the blood is actually synthetic is questionable, the company’s alcoholic brew: Innocent Blood for example has been known to contain actual blood.

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