Teslo acquires Links for an undisclosed amount to become the sole supermarket chain of the server.

Teslo Inc. has recently closed a deal with convenience store chain Links in which it acquired the chains assets including its Archendale and Ferron Island locations.

The acquisition adds 5 stores to Teslo’s storecount and makes it the largest retailer on the server by storecount with 21 locations in 15 cities.

Links was struggling in relevance ever since co-founder Albinary went inactive, it was long thought that the supermarket industry would be too niche to be relevant and profitable on the server.

However, the fact that general retailers like Rays Inc continue to sell food and beverages along their general wares is proof for Teslo founder and CEO Satan that supermarkets can work on HM.

“There is virtually no competition in the market but as spawner rates have gone down stores appear to struggle stocking their vanilla foods like steak for the low prices we’ve always seen. Just take a look at Aramega which nearly tripled the price for vanilla meats. Teslo is trying to fill up that gap with Slimefun foods and beverages, by spreading ourselves to every active city on the map we ensure our customers will never have to go hungry or thirsty. It is our goal to have a Teslo on every corner of the world to make Teslo truly a global brand”.

Satan on changing Teslo from a general retailer to a supermarket chain.

The former megastore chain recently switched industries to focus on it’s historical core strengths which have always been food and beverages. As the general store market seems to be flooded with new store concepts like Atlas and RPD industries in a sea of established giants like Aramega and Rays Inc.

The supermarket chain is currently in the process of revamping old locations and building new locations in cities like Flowing Meadows and Ashford.

“We’re especially excited about our newest branch in Ashford which historically has always been a roleplay city, we think a supermarket would be an amazing fit for a city like Ashford.”

Whether Teslo Inc will succeed is still to be questioned as consumers still tend to fall back on good old fashioned vanilla food. Afterall, Slimefun foods are superior in every way, they saturate better and you can eat them faster which can be vital in a battle.

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