Meat inflation finally to come to an end?

For years now Hellominers has been struggling to find meats in its aisles. Whereas in the early days stores like Sas Fried Chicken supplied the server with plenty of meat thanks to its spawner farms, in recent times that supply has pretty much dried out with Ghoat’s Cooked beef business being one of the very few suppliers of cooked beef on the server.

However, with the arrival of many more recipes like the very simple fries sold by pretty much all stores these days, the need for meat has severely gone down.

If it is up to Valnirian retail giant Teslo though, times are about to change, the company has invested 180,000F into building a spawner facility that spawns anything from cows, chickens, sheep to pigs. It has also followed the Paradisian retailer Aramega in raising its prices for meat, which can go for as much as 30F to 60F these days. The Valnirian retailer hopes to open up its meat plant soon, in order to provide a well paying job to newbies by buying up meats for 30F a stack, which is a huge difference from the SFC days when meats went for as little as 8F a stack.

“Back in the day when we started out the economy was primarily player-based, people would make money from apartments and selling stuff to player stores, these days most money comes from government jobs and we want to revert that change” explains Teslo CEO S. Morningstar.

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