Quick Facts

City: Helloclan City

District: West City

Regionname: torluc

Owners: Toromboo, Thendil

Destination: Blockazon, Condo’s

Build style: Minecraft Beaux-Arts architecture, Minecraft Art Deco.

On the Map

The TorLuc Building in West City, Hello Clan City is one of the longer standing buildings in West City.

As one of the 6 buildings adjacent to West City Square it’s one of the more coveted plots in the district.

As of right now the plot houses condo’s and a location of HMSU retailer Blockazon.

The TorLuc building can be seen as a Minecraft Art Deco Skyscraper although one could also argue it has elements of Minecraft Beuax-Arts architecture. This can be said because it has similarities to the reallife Flatiron building in New York.