Vanguard is dead, Long live Vanguard!

It’s hard to believe, but from today on, Vanguard Industries is no more. The retail behemoth that reshaped the Hellominers economy had been struggling because of its own success in the past few months. Today former CEO Ashlynn Rose shared the announcement that Vanguard is officially shutting down, so is this the end of the glorious empire? Read along as we interview the former CEO of one of the most influential companies of HM

If you have never heard of Vanguard, have you even played Hellominers? The Green and Grey retail empire which started back in 2015 had become an indispensable part of the server and its economy. If things went bad with Vanguard, it would cause a massive impact on the server’s economy, that’s how important Vanguard Industries was to Hellominers.

It had become obvious in the past few months that Vanguard was struggling, many locations were out of stock and some locations even got eyesored. Many Vanguard competitors smelled blood and declared Vanguard to be dead, hoping to be able to buy plots and fill the void that was once Vanguard with their own retail companies.

An interview with former Vanguard CEO Ashlynn_Rose

I sat down with Ashlynn Rose and asked her about what happened and what might happen next.

So what happened to Vanguard? After your return, everything seemed to go back to the good old days.

On the surface, perhaps, but there were eyesores piling up on the smaller shops for being closed too long, and…it just wasn’t a good situation for us.

Okay so the Vanguard ship was sinking, plots got eyesored and chestshops remained empty, at what point did you and Vihq consider to make big changes?

The moment I returned, however, we didn’t have the time, strength, or manpower to do what we needed to do, as far as “saving” the company, which I will touch on later in this interview

Okay so Vanguard is demising, Vihq seems to have left to start his shop, what is going to happen next with the remains of Vanguard? Is the rumored acquisition still on the table or will you continue Vanguard the way it is?

The three current executives have parted ways, but before we celebrated a job well done these past 2 years, we all agreed on a basic tenet for the future…the name “Vanguard” is synonymous with the family we had in each other, and to the point of keeping that memory alive, we all agreed to let that name die at the farewells.

So at the least, you will see a rebranding,  however, that’s all I can confirm at this time as far as upcoming plans because even I am not sure what happens next,  but there is plenty of things to sort through as I figure that out

At any rate, whatever I do next, you can plan on the same level of time, commitment, and passion that you saw in me as I ran Vanguard

What is happening next

In today’s announcement shared by Ash, we can read that Whole Blocks, a company active in both retail and commercial development but better known for commercial development, is acquiring most of the remains of Vanguard.

Ash will move into the Whole Blocks team as well to strengthen the company’s retail branch and she’ll be in charge of the company’s efforts on the online marketplace platform Icentipay as Chief E-commerce Officer.

Blackfoe, the former CFO of the company has sold his stakes of the company in order to pursue his own city on which no details are public yet.

Vihq in the meanwhile who earlier sold his stakes in the company will refrain from the bigger megastores and follow his own path with his new founded company Gridlock which is settled in RC.

So what does this mean for the future of retail?

While Vanguard Industries is officially dead, the Vanguard spirit remains alive and kicking in all of the talented executives of the former retail giant. It’s plausible to see Whole Blocks take back an even bigger market share.

However, there are more sharks in the pond now, former GNR executive Gbt has returned to the retail industry with a company called Agora which is also performing rather well at the moment. It will be exciting to watch the industry change and morph into something even more exciting.

~ Satan, Senior Editor of The Forsalist.

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