Brewing Industry Insights: April 2019

Industry Insights aims to visualize data of industries on Hellominers in order to help executives make better decisions. In this post, HMGuide tries to answer the following questions to paint a picture of the markets:

  • What is the current size of the Brewing Industry on Hellominers?
  • How has the industry performed in the past 30 days
  • What will be the size of the Brewing Industry in the upcoming 30 days?
  • What are trends amongst breweries right now and what might happen in the future?

Current size of the Brewing Industry

As of right now the Brewing Industry has an estimated market cap of 566,000 forsals. This number is based on the combined market cap of the industry’s active companies including but not limited to Volcano Brewing Company, Nomad Distillery, Brevera, Royal Monbay Brewery and Demonic Spirit. However, it should be noted that Volcano Brewing Company also operates in the entertainment industry. It’s currently unknown how much of VBC’s market cap consists of it’s brewing operations.

Estimated revenue in this industry is hard to pin down as well since only Volcano Brewing Company has their financials made public. However, loosely based on questioning brewery owners and own experience it can be said that the industry average ranges between 2000f in the worst case scenario and 20000f in revenue per month in the best case scenario. It should be noted that most breweries make more than 2000f per month but Volcano Brewing Company is the only company that makes its numbers public and reported 2000f in profit last month.

How has the industry performed in the past 30 days?

In the past 30 days, it seemed that the alcohol industry was slowing down with stagnating sales. However, Volcano Brewing Company surprised investors by tripling the company valuation and therefore the stock price as well to a staggering 222F (+165F). Furthermore with the launch of Demonic Spirit Brewing Company and it’s alcoholic beverage Innocent Blood the alcohol craze slowly got resurrected. It didn’t immediately go as crazy as the first Alcohol Craze back in December 2018 but all interviewed breweries reported an increase in sales.

Newcomer Demonic Spirit Brewing Company reported 10,000F in sales in the past week, mainly due to the release of its new drink. However, the question remains, is this just a fad? A small bump in sales that is likely to die as soon as newbies get bored with alcohol? Or will we see the market become overcrowded with small breweries turning the Auction House into a tavern?

What will be the size of the Brewing Industry in the upcoming 30 days?

This is a loose estimate but it’s very likely that larger companies from other industries are smelling the money made during this new alcohol craze and here is why:

  • Agora executive GBT has been lobbying on the forums for staff to allow companies to make more than 1 company drink per company.
  • Whole Blocks, which recently acquired Vanguard Industries, has a tavern in the works called the Black George.

This is why it’s estimated that the Brewing Industry will continue to grow. Furthermore, it’s likely to see traditional breweries to be wiped away by the brewing branches of large retail corporations if they don’t step up their game. Since large retail corporations usually own front row plots in government cities their bars, taverns, and alcohol vending machines will be easier to access.

It’s estimated that the brewing industry will grow in the upcoming weeks and hit a 1 million market cap pretty soon.

  • At this moment Company brews seem to become increasingly popular. As people are getting bored with the homogeneous turning alcohol market consumers are stewing away to either exclusive company drinks or the cheaper variants of alcohol like beer, mead, and wine.
  • Party Packages have been popular for a little while, these are shulkers filled with a mixture of strong alcoholic drinks. However, with the price of shulkers increasing and the market becoming more crowded which is driving prices down this becomes less viable.
  • It’s expected that larger retail corporations will launch their brewery branches and that panicking and unexperienced traditional breweries will lower their prices even more which might essentially end up damaging the whole brewing industry.

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