Ambitious, Insane or both? Fresco invests 1.12 million into opening up 300 locations.

After months of hard work Fresco owner Mr_Bloomberg has released it new investment plan for Fresco Inc. The famous and respected store franchise known for Fresco stores and Bloom’s club will be investing 1.12 million forsals into opening 300 locations in private cities. The company has already purchased 52 plots. 

1.12 million forsals will be pumped into the economy by Mr_Bloombergs company. Fresco will open over 300 locations of its two new franchises: Fresco Inc. and Fresco Inc. Superstores. With this approach the company will invest over 50.000 forsals in each city that it will settle in. The first new Fresco Inc’s will open in Sunville and Sunset Springs. The brand-new city of Archendale will house Fresco’s first Superstore.

During the press release Mr_Bloomberg also presented the design for the mini stores which has been designed by Somfic. The story continues under the picture.

Design by Somfic

How will Bloom manage 300 locations?

Although this plan might seem insane, because let’s be honest opening up 300 locations isn’t something you do every day, Mr_Bloomberg is letting the press know that everything has been thought through. Locations will get retail managers who will oversee renting out 25 locations. Fresco will also get a management board that will start this week.

We’ve seen Mr_Bloomberg looking for big plots lately but who could have known that the millionaire would be purchasing 300 plots. Although it’s very ambitious and nice of Mr_Bloomberg to open locations in private cities, the private city formula has been proven to fail since we have /warp city plots. However, this is a nice gesture towards city owners who are having a hard time lately and perhaps this formula might work due the 1.12 million forsals investment.

Will this be a turning point in retail or is Mr_Bloomberg burning his money? We’ll keep you updated on Fresco.

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