Meet CwazInc, a cwazy company that is considering to buy all of GSNR.

Usually we don’t bat an eye when new companies pop up, but this company has made some very extraordinary claims, meet CwazInc. The brand-new company by CwazyMiner which has just acquired a premium GSNR plot and is on the verge of buying 25% of GSNR and considers to even buy the entire company.

On the first sight CwazInc looks like yet another ordinary company that we will forget about within less than 24 hours. However, CwazInc seems to be more than that, the company popped up out of nowhere and is rapidly expanding.  CwazInc recently bought a premium GSNR plot in North City for an estimated 0.5-1.3 Million forsals. But the mysterious company hasn’t had enough, it’s currently preying on another premium spot in Helloclan city and has even more wild plans.

Cwazyminer “I’m going to buy Nate’s shares and I am considering buying all of GSNR”.

Yeah, you read that right, Cwazyminer is about to buy Nate’s shares which are approximately worth about 1 million forsals. According to Cwazyminer Nate is struggling to keep up with stocking the retail giant. But that’s not where CwazInc’s everlasting hunger seems to stop, the company is even considering buying GSNR entirely.

If this were to happen, which we here at The Forsalist highly doubt, this would be the largest acquisition to ever happen on Hellominers. The company is currently valued at 5 million forsals so it’s very unlikely that this will happen. We also consider the chance for Gbt and Red to sell the company to be relatively low.

However, CwazInc is a mystery to us, we never heard about the company before and yet it just acquired a premium spot in North City. It could be possible that CwazInc has some silent investors that we don’t know about yet.

Will the company manage to gain a huge portion of GSNR or are these empty promises? As much as we hate to keep you guessing, this is all the information we got for now. We’ll try to keep you up to date.

~ Satan.

Update: Gbt informed us that Cwazyminer did not fully pay his plot yet and confirmed our guesses that GSNR will never be for sale a whole.

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