New year wishes from Orestore, Aura and TESLO

We’ve had a rough but amazing 2017 here on Hellominers. The countless servercrashes and flamewars made a big mess. Luckily HelloMiners has the strongest and liveliest community ever, we’ll keep working hard to improve this server together. Let us all have a great 2018. The following companies have a message for you too ?

Orestore – CallMeBmatt

OreStore’s reputation has increased a ton thanks to our customers. We’d like to thank everyone for using our newly built factory, buying our items every day, coming to our sales events, suggesting new add ons to our company and most importantly always supporting us and our decisions! 2018 should be a year better than previous years thanks to you guys!

AURA –  Silverknights1

Wish you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hello to all, whether you have ever used Aura or not!

Joining this year has been a hell of a ride for me, and starting a business is actually pretty big for me. I give thanks to everyone who helped me along the way, no matter if you just gave me a tip or bought 1k of stuff from me. I’ve seen a few people come and go, but one thing is certain: Aura is not a rip-off company. I like to connect with others as well, because they can give valuable feedback. Right now, I am sad on my own as Luke has left, but that’s ok. Next year, I’ll strive to mark the cities with : you’ve guessed it, apartments! Well, that’s my plan. Now, where are your plans for 2018?

TESLO – Nightemperor (~Satan)

2017 has been a hell of a year for Hellominers, we’ve seen a lot of stuff happen, good and bad.

However, here at TESLO we like to put our differences asside and work together with the community.  The community is what made our retail store chain TESLO grow, without the help of our customers, workers and partners we couldn’t have done this. We’d especially like to thank Ashlynn_Rose and Arakorni89 for opening lots of doors for TESLO.

For 2018 we hope to rapidly expand our company and we’ll set the goal of employing 50 people and making 500.000 forsals revenue per month.  We want to improve this server and make sure everyone can have fun.

Cheers to all and remember, Happy sinning!

The Forsalist wants to thank everyone for reading our newspaper. In 2018 we’ll continue to provide our high quality journalism that you enjoy.

Happy New Year to all!

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