Huge shake-up in Paradise Hills, Teslo slims down, WholeBlocks moves into Paradise Hills.

Paradise Hills has always been one of the more economically developed private cities on the server. Due to having major companies like Vanguard Industries, Aramega, and Teslo located there, the city could always attract shoppers and entrepreneurs. However, as of today, the iconic skyline will change because Teslo is slimming down its business and just sold the front row airport plot to another major retailer.

In the past few months, Teslo hasn’t been how it’s always been. The store, formerly known to be an excellent alternative to poorly stocked megastores in government cities has been neglected for a long time. Due to the CEO of Teslo not having enough time to run a business of that scale the decision has been made to slim down some of the operations of Teslo. “It would have been a waste to continue running the megastore location poorly while other companies can do better,” said CEO and Founder Satan.

“Teslo is a born and bred Paradisian company and ever since it started it has been involved in developing the city. Teslo and Paradise have always been synonymous with each other and that will remain so in the future, just in a different manner.”

“We’ll remain a Paradise Hills based company, we’ll just move our headquarters a few rows further to make space for a new retailer who will help the city remain a relevant shopping place. The slimmed down version of Teslo will focus on its core strengths which are mass producing food and (alcoholic) beverages. The company will also continue with it’s recently launched financial branch: Teslo Investment Fund.”

Teslo will continue to as Wholesale company for foods (meaning they’ll sell to other stores and make food on demand). The company will also continue to make its famous and beloved steak which is rumored to contain the flesh of new players who join the server and ‘leave’ forever after 30 minutes of playing.

So the question remains, who’s going to replace Teslo? You could probably have guessed it, WholeBlocks will soon open its doors in Paradise Hills.  The plot was sold for an undisclosed amount. Teslo, being a company loyal to the city of Paradise Hills trusts that WholeBlocks will be able to satisfy the customers’ demands and keep Paradise Hills alive.

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