GSNR falling apart? Natedogg723 sells shares and leaves company.

We’ve been informed by an anonymous source that Natedogg723 is leaving GSNR and selling the remaining shares of the company. Natedogg told us that he felt left out of certain company decisions.

If you have played Hellominers than you have been to GSNR at least once. The megastore at the airport that is owned by Gbt2008642, SenseiSoni, Natedogg723 and MrSuperRed (GSNR).

Natedogg currently owns the chestshops that buy and sell wool, glass and enchanted books.

After asking Natedogg we came to know that Natedogg is leaving the company because he felt left out of certain company decisions. We’re currently GUESSING that it has to do with the recent meddling and chaos with HMSX. In which GSNR acquired the stock exchange that crashed one day after the acquisition due to HMCSM being formed. He might also go inactive soon .

Another take might be that Natedogg wants to focus on T&N, a new company he formed with Tekton9 in River City not too long ago.  We don’t know his motivation, but we wish him good luck with whatever he’s up too.

The future of GSR?

However, as Nate owns 25% of GSNR this will with no doubt have a huge impact on the company. Who will buy the 25% equity of this mega corporation that has been valued at 5 million forsals? Will the other owners increase their shares? Are the shares going to be sold private to another powerful player that might shake up the company? Or will Nate release his shares and sell them publicly on the Hellominers Company Stock market?  The first option might be preferred by the current owners as no one knows what a new owner will bring to the company aside from a name change.

Many things might not be clear at the moment, but we know one thing for sure, GSNR is going to change.

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