New mobs coming to Hellominers. Get ready for unicorns and demons!

Tired of getting killed by mundane mobs like poison zombies and pikachu’s?  We got good news for you! Hellominers will be introducing and rotating new mobs every three months from now on!

Today our feared  beloved Mob Overlord and Moderator Dr_StevenStrange uploaded a new range of custom mobs that will replace old and dull mobs like zombies and mummies. Instead we’ll get 4 new mobs: Fire demons, Forgotten Samurai’s, Unicorns and Ent’s. These exciting new mobs will replace Pikachu’s, Magicarps, Poison Zombie’s,  Ender Creeper’s and Super Creeper’s.

Check this trailer video to see the new exciting mobs in action. More info on the mobs below. 

The Forgotten Samurai

The Forgotten Samurai is a samurai that apparantly has been forgotten. This probably explains why he’s so mad, we tried telling him that he was not forgotten but it did not work. However you don’t want to forget the drops of this mob: a forgotten samurai armor set and a forgotten katana.

Fire Demon

Now this mob personally makes me sad. It’s a great mob with good drops but as I am Satan, Ruler of Hell, I was kinda sad that my child did not recognize me. Whenever you see this mob please tell him that daddy loves him.  The drops of this mob are: Drops lava bucket, magma blocks, magma cream, and  a blaze axe.


Now I know what you are thinking but this is not a pig. No! Not at all! This is a Unicorn that drops diamonds and a unicorn horn. The mob will be quite rare so whenever you think to see a pig, look again!


The last addition is the ent. This mob kinda reminds me of Groot, don’t be fooled though as I can assure you that this mob will not shrink nor dance cute. However if you do kill this mob you can expect it to drop any type of wood log.

Questions and Answers.

What will happen to the old mobs?

The old mobs will still be there but they won’t be spawned again. So once all of them are killed, they’re gone for good.

The Magicarp was a great source of black inc sacs, will it come back?

Dr_StevenStrange is looking for a mob that can replace the magicarp and spawn black inc sacs.

Can you breed 2 unicorns together and make a unicorn farm?


Good luck encountering these new mobs, thanks a lot to Steven for working on these new mobs and happy hunting, everyone!

~ Satan

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