One stockmarket just died but stock trading is alive and here to stay

Those who have followed the recent news about HMSX might argue that stock exchanges are a shady and unreliable business. It is true that there has been a lot of turmoil in the stock exchange world in the past 3 days. However, even though HMSX has died, the stock trading industry is alive and here to stay. This might be very interesting for city owners.

HMSX started out as an innovative initiative by President_KK and his team. The stock exchange raised over 10.000 forsals for companies on the first trading day. However, the stock exchange had some issues. Which you can read about here. These issues weren’t small and led cmvo, owner of Jade Industries, to leave the exchange. This left HMSX with only two companies and panicking traders.

GSNR acquired the stock exchange and suddenly their share value doubled. The share rose from 500 to an astonishing 1000 points. Apparently, this was due GSNR listing more shares. The shares sold at 509f per 1% and the newly added shares sold at 1000f% per 0,01%. However, this is not how a stock exchange is supposed to work, as Doctor_Strange pointed out:

“Technically the way it should be is the first release of stock has a different value than the second release of stock.”

With companies leaving and people doubting the credibility of HMSX due to the new ownership, once again HMSX was on fire. This time it seemed like HM would lose its only stock exchange.

The birth of The Hellominers Company Stock Market.

Cmvo did like HMSX but after the first accident with the sales logs he did not trust HMSX with his shares anymore. As HMSX started to crumble he decided to bring new life to stock trading and opened the HMCSM. The Hellominers Company Stock Market was born, revolutionizing an industry that wasn’t even 3 days old. Cmvo and his team created a detailed and structured stock exchange and put rules in place to protect both investors and companies.

This was the final blow for HMSX and thus President_KK decided to stop HMSX. HMCSM eqquiped the stock exchange with more skilled staff than ever by employing the old HMSX staff too.

The HMCSM is being backed by MOD Doctor_Strange and some influential players. To assure that everything runs fair and smooth, no exchange staff members will be allowed to list their own companies.

The HMCSM is an organized and structured stock exchange that leaves little space for confusion. This makes HMCSM a safe stock exchange and adds a new way for players to make money.

Opportunity for city owners.

The HMCSM is here to stay and that’s good news for city owners. The HMCSM is looking for a city where they can establish a financial district and settle their Headquarters. This financial district will be the Hellominers equivalent of Wall Street. This is a huge opportunity for cities to let their local economy grow.

The only requirement for the city is that HMCSM will get to manage the district. This is meant to safeguard the district exclusive for the HMCSM, company Headquarters and other financial institutions. HMCSM is not looking to make profit of plot sales but you don’t want a newbie apartment building next to your stock exchange. City owners can contact cmvo for more information.

Solaris has already announced that it doesn’t have the funds for a new financial district. This leaves an opportunity for other cities to design an exclusive  thriving financial district.

By ~Satan (NightEmperor).

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