HMSX on fire, will HM lose its only Stock Market?

The Hellominers Stock Exchange is currently under fire as traders and shareholders are starting to doubt the credibility and the future of the stock exchange. This morning, President_KK who is CEO of the HMSX, announced that he forgot to log the sales of the shares of the companies. Will all the HMSX staff’s work be meaningless?

For those who aren’t familiar with the Helllominers Stock Exchange, HMSX is a private stock exchange created by President_KK and an ambitious team of other players. The idea behind the project is cool and adds a whole new layer of realism to the server. Register the company, valuate the company, decide how much shares you want to sell and settle for a price. A client buys the shares which helps the company raise capital and invest in growing their venture and gives the client a steady passive income.

Jade Estates and Fortune Inc. leaving HMSX.

After weeks of preparation the HMSX finally opened its doors yesterday with 4 companies listed. Fortune Inc, Minex, Item World Inc. and Jade Estate. The trading flourished and on the first day of trading it raised over 10.000 forsals for the enlisted companies. However, after the announcement by President_KK the exchange has been hit with reassignments from two major companies.

Cmvo, the CEO of Jade Estates, made public that the company is going private with its shares. The Solaris real estate mogul believes that the HMSX will end badly due President_KK forgetting to log sales. There are no public records on why Fortune Inc. decided to resign.

How could this ever happen?

Clearly there must have been some miscommunication. When reading the official topic on the HMSX we can read the following:

“each company gets a booth (located in a special building in solaris) where any one can buy shares. The company then keeps a record on how much each person owns”

This sentence might have caused the confusion because it could easily be interpreted wrong. It either reads as:

“each company gets a booth and keeps records on how much each shareholder owns”

or as

“each company gets a booth and the company (HMSX) keeps records on how much each shareholder owns”.

Why this should not be the end of HMSX.

HMSX still lists Item World which has a massive wealth of 300k. Minex, a promising company which exiting new ideas owned by Block_Banker is also still on the list. MOD Docter_Strange, SilverKnight and NightEmperor might as well join HMSX with their respective companies.

The start of the HMSX might have been slippery but this should not be the death verdict of this game changing initiative. Especially since the HelloMiners economy is struggling due to the recent server crashes. HMSX might be one of the economic boosts that we need at HM to keep the server exciting.  Quoting Doctor_Strange “if you can get the book keeping under control, I’ll think about joining.”.

By ~Satan (Nightemperor, formerly known as ~Lucifer).

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