Retail giant GSNR acquires HMSX and safeguards the future of HM’s Stock Exchange.

Yesterday we wrote about the HMSX struggling after their first trading day. After two companies left the exchange, the death of HMSX seemed to be inevitable. However, today HMSX announced that it has now been acquired by GSNR. With a powerful retail giant as parent company, is HMSX going to the next level?

“HMSX needs your help” read the topic that President_KK started after two companies left his exchange. Apparently, President_KK’s call has been answered, five new companies joined the list: Mcorp, Steel Inc, Sun & Sand, Coloured Inc and GSNR. Not only did GSNR join the stock exchange, they simply acquired the entire stock exchange.  This is probably due to MOD Doctor_Strange considering joining the list with his company.

Concerns about HMSX’s independency

However, this takeover does raise concerns. GSNR is quite powerful, will they use this power to affect smaller companies that join the exchange? We asked the CEO of HMSX, president_KK, about this. He assured us that HMSX will continue to operate as an independent stock exchange. GSNR serves as a parent company to oversee the operations of the HMSX.

For those worried about the forgotten logs, there is good news too. From now on the HMSX will keep a public records document of the sales.

Time to let old money roll

The Hellominers Stock Exchange is safe for now, with the GSNR as parent company, the stock exchange has plenty of capital to improve. We can look forward to a bright future in which the stock market will continue to exist. With the future of HMSX being safeguarded we will probably see more companies join the stock exchange and raise capital to grow their businesses. This will help the server’s economy recover from an era in which the elite kept all their money in their own pockets.

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